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French insight to Microsoft’s culture during Seattle Industry Tour

IMG_2918Microsoft… Well, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few decades, you must be pretty familiar with this name. Let’s briefly remind us the Microsoft success story.  It has been founded in 1994 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates (you know, the guy we’ve all dreamed of sharing a bank account with). The name Microsoft comes from the fusion of the words microcomputer and software. Indeed its activities are focused on computer software, hardware and consumer electronics. Its products are in our daily lives under the famous brands Windows, Office, Skype, MSN or Xbox and many others. Microsoft has a worldwide presence and in 2015 registered a revenue of 93.58 billion US dollars.

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“Be what’s next”: An afternoon at the Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle

Redmond, February the 13th 2014: we arrived at the Microsoft Headquarters and are welcomed by Steve Seow – a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. The visit starts with a little tour to get to Pike Place, where we are going to spend most of the day. Pike Place is a big cafeteria for Microsoft’s employees. We are all amazed by how beautiful, huge and modern the campus is and we can really feel the innovative vibe surrounding us. Continue reading


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BOOK REVIEW: “Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World” by Michael A. Cusumano

coverStaying Power is a dense and extremely well researched book. It is not for the faint hearted. Cusumano reportedly spent over 25 years researching some of the world’s largest and most successful companies and was an advisor to more than 100 firms.  The book looks in depth as the strategies adopted by companies such as Google, Intel, Apple, JVC, Toyota, and Microsoft.

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BOOK REVIEW: “Making Strategy Work: Leading Effective Execution and Change” by Lawrence G. Hrebiniak (2005)

Cover“Making Strategy Work” is a fairly long, but easily readable book, by Lawrence Hrebiniak, a professor at Wharton University, and consultant.  The book draws on the author’s 25 years’ experience of teaching senior executives, and the underlying premise that runs throughout it is that, while setting a strategy is a good thing, it is the execution that is crucial for the success of an organization.  Successful execution requires that a company looks very closely at such things, as power within the firms, and how to manage change. 

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BOOK REVIEW “Competitive Strategy” by Michael Porter (1998)

Michael PorterWritten in 1980, Competitive Strategy, has formed the basis of modern strategic thinking for three decades. Amazon says that the book is now in its 60th edition and has been translated into 19 languages. It is still a great book to read though the recent bankruptcy of Michael Porter’s company, Monitor Group, has someone tarnised the image of the management guru. 

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The best is yet to come

Exhausted after the Christmas holiday?

It is always surprising to see just how tired people look after the Christmas holiday. The very idea of a holiday is that you rest. None of us do that though. We all hurry round from family to friends in a mad dash to see everyone we know and to stock up on as many calories as possible.  What we should be doing is taking it easy so that we can get our strength back so that we can make it through the dark months ahead. Continue reading

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Sent from my iPad : the legacy of Steve Jobs

One evening, when I was an undergraduate student in the UK, I met a friend in a state of mild shock. He was studying Politics at the time and hoping to soon begin an illustrious career making important decisions for the country. As he had been walking across campus that afternoon, somebody had stopped him to ask where the Computer Science department could be found. Continue reading


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