Gems on Wall Street: Students studying finance in the heart of New York

Pace cover

I want to use this post to publicize a blog that is being written by some 25 students from my school, who are currently studying finance in New York.  The students have gone up there for one semester to study a program that we jointly set up with Pace University to give them the ins and outs of finance in the USA, and also to show them some of the best practices of working in the United States. 

 Gems on Wall Street Blog

They have only been there a few weeks, but already the students have written some very good articles, including their courses in the university, some of the things they have been able to see, and the places they have been able to visit while living there.

The program kicked off with a talk from Dwayne Naylor, Executive Vice President of Langley Federal Credit Union and a Duke University MBA graduate, who gave an excellent talk on the current financial crisis. The students were impressed by both the clarity and incisiveness of the discussion.


Dwayne Naylor gave a great opening speech.

Judging by what they have written so far, they seem to be very happy.  One of their articles is entitled, “First Class at Pace University.” It begins with a very enthusiastic, “we have literally been ‘wowed’ by this first class.”  The class itself was given by Professor Tariq, and was about American business practices.  Essentially, it gives them insights into the best practices and how to work successfully in the USA.  As well as this course, the students will also do three main courses on Corporate Finance, Money and GEMS on Wall StreetCapital Markets, and International Banking and Financial Markets.

Their professors will either be American, or professors who have come from outside of the USA that have significant practice of working within the United States and with American companies.

John and Brian

From left: Loick Roche, Brian Pew, John Meletiadis.

Setting up the program 

I was delighted to have been able to set up this program with my team.  We currently sends 360 students abroad each year on standard one semester or one year programs and I admit that I was a slow convert to sending large numbers of students to the same destination. I had seen too many examples of students being less interculturally aware rather than more once they had participated in them. However, with quite a bit of work with our colleagues at Pace University we seem to have managed to get the right balance between allowing large numbers to participate and ensuring that they get a real insight into the local business culture. In achieving this mix, John Meletiadis and Brian Pew at Pace University should be especially commended for their sheer professionalism and dedication to the job.

Applications to the Finance Program in New York


28 lucky students will have an opportunity to work, study and travel in the U.S.

Nearly 60 students applied to go on the program, and in the end, we chose 28 that we thought had both the academic grades and the level of English necessary to work successfully on the course.  The course will go from January until April, and after that, the students will have the possibility to either do an internship in a US company, or to travel throughout the United States, using the standard J1 VISA, which offers the chance to work, study, and travel.  Looking at these programs, I sometimes wish that somebody offered me the same thing when I was an undergraduate!

partner companies

Students will gain valuable insights during several visits of multinational companies.

As well as getting the academic content, the students will also get a greater input from companies.  A colleague of mine, Lisa Jane Perraud, will be visiting the students for an entire week in February.  They will be going to different companies, including Google, Wells Fargo, Societe Generale, Nataxis, Bloomberg etc. They will even be visiting the New York Stock Exchange and hopefully getting the name of the school on the bell.  Lisa Jane has done a fantastic job in getting all these meetings set up and I am very jealous indeed that I will not be able to participate! With more than 10 different talks in 5 days (there is no slacking with Lisa Jane!) the students should get a valuable insight into working practices within the USA and the key elements necessary to start a successful career in the finance industry. This will also enable them to put the theoretical parts of their course into practice.

 We are very grateful to the companies for giving up their time to speak to our students.

Gems on Wall Street 2

Most of the students will spend their academic year abroad.

Many of the students that are currently on the Pace program actually studied their first semester at Beihang University (Beijing), on a similar type of program, which mixed a group of French students, eager to study and learn about China, with a group of Chinese students, eager to study and understand Western business practices.

It made for a very good combination and I was lucky enough to have seen just how good they were at working with each other and trying to understand the different business cultures within their respective countries.  One particular class I taught on strategy led to a very heated debate about the policies that China Telecom should introduce within the country, with the French and Chinese students having very different perspectives.

students 2

The students will experience all aspects of the ´American college life´.

In New York, the students will also get the chance to mix with US students in various associations and sporting activities.  This is always the fun part of any international experience.

If you have any time to read their blog, Gems on Wall Street, please do check it out, because it gives some very interesting insights into what the students are doing.  They certainly seem to be having a great time so far, and have written up some very fascinating posts about what they have learned.  Below, you will find some links to their different posts.  Not only do these posts give you an idea about what it is like studying in New York, it also gives some interesting insights into such things as apartment hunting within the Big Apple.  There is one very good article on a visit they made to Boston.

students last


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GEM at TimesBusiness Because: “A personalised welcome message on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square is how Grenoble MBA students were welcomed to New York during their semester there as a part of Grenoble’s Transcontinental Program. Outside of class, Grenoble students were familiarized with New York’s financial scene through visits to the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ offices and to companies like JP Morgan, Crédit Agricole, Bloomberg and Natixis, as well as meetings with alumni.

First class at Pace University

Pace frontWe have been literally wowed by this first class! January 23rd was our first day as American college students at Pace University. We, the 25 students in Finance from the GEM Transcontinental program, were put in a class amongst 28 Marketing students from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway. These students spend their final year of their Bachelor’s degree studying at Pace University, meaning they had been studying here since September 2012.

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We also love Boston!

Boston3How to get there? Buses leave from Chinatown every day. We recommend the Lucky Star company, its very cheap tickets are being sold online on ($30 for a return ticket on average). Hotels are relatively cheap as well, we got a room for $25 each at the 40Berkeley hotel.

Apartment hunting in New York

New YorkThis post is about finding an apartment in New York. Like I told you in my last post, having a place to crash can be pretty pricey in the city, especially Manhattan.

Departure and settling in


Tomorrow is the day, I am leaving for New York City! I always have the same feeling when I leave: a lot of excitement mixed with a dash of stress.  What I hate the most is packing my suitcase, which I haven’t done yet…

Participating in the Transcontinental program at Pace University

Pace UniversityI’m glad to write the first post on the Transcontinental program that will take place in New York City, US during the 2nd semester of year 2012/2013.

I am one of several people that will co-write this blog with a view to give you more insight into the Transcontinental program in New York. My name’s Aurélien Mauro, I’m 22 and I am a 2nd Year student at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Up to now, I used to be in the English Track program. The Transcontinental program is called by the school administration a “relocated English Track program”: it’s a program that was created by the school but abroad, in partners universities.

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