Some recent publications based on the same themes as the blog:

Strategy & Management

Strategic Decision Development and Learning in Organisations: (2016, forthcoming). Enhanced company performance through the development of network alliance management skills: a four-point framework, Development and Learning in Organisations: an international journal, Vol. 30, Issue 1 by Mark Thomas
Strategic Decision Strategic Direction: (2016, forthcoming). The Disastrous Consequences of the Ikea Effect, Apple and Intel learning the cost of true loveStrategic Direction, Vol. 31, Issue 1 by Mark Thomas & Alluru, J.R.
Strategic Decision Strategic Direction: (2015). M&As in the airline industry: emotions flying high, Strategic Direction, Vol. 31, Issue 8 by Mark Thomas & Christopher Benjamin Kummer
 Strategic Decision
Strategic Direction: (2015). Cathay & Southwest: flying the flag of good practice in airline mergers, Strategic Decision, Vol. 31, Issue 8 by Reetesh Sharma & Mark Thomas
 Strategic Decision

Strategic Direction: (2015). Can Malaysia Airlines avoid the final destination of Pan Am?Strategic Direction Vol. 31, Issue 8 by Mark Thomas

Strategic Decision Strategic Direction: (2015). WestJet, hybrid but profitableStrategic Direction Vol. 31, Issue 8 by Mark Thomas
 Routledge Routledge: Thomas, M. (2015), We’re still dancing: Stakeholder expectation and its role in decision making in the financial crisis, in O’Sullivan, P., Allington, N., & Esposito, M., The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Finance in the 21st century; From Hubris to Disgrace, Routledge, New York, eISBN: 9780203797723.

CGE Grand Angle: (2015). L’internationalisation: une revolution pacifique, by Mark Thomas

Strategic Decision

Strategic Direction(2015). Strategic Principles at Southwest AirlinesStrategic Direction, Vol. 31, Issue 8 by Mark Thomas

Strategic Decision Strategic Direction: (2015). Ryan Air: success before loveStrategic Direction, Vol. 31, Issue 8 by Mark Thomas
Strategic Decision Strategic Direction: (2015). Fixing positive change: creating an efficient corporate culture with a piece of string, a hammer and a bellStrategic Direction Vol. 31, Issue 2 by Mark Thomas
Strategic Decision Strategic Direction(2015). Silence: the golden strategy?, Strategic Direction Vol. 31, Issue 1 by Mark Thomas
Thomas Edison State College Thomas Edison State College: (2014, Fall). Bonuses: Leading us to ruin? The impact of financial incentives on leadership within organizations. International Leadership Journal, 6(3), 90-115 by Mark Thomas
Le Cercle des Echos, 12 juillet 2011 “Made in Aimé Jacquet”, ou la leçon de management du football Cette semaine la France fête le 13ème anniversaire de la victoire des Bleus lors de la Coupe du Monde en 1998. Ce triomphe, qui semble si lointain, a toujours des leçons à nous apprendre, en particulier dans le management des équipes. French version of July 12th, 2011 posting
Business Because 3 July 2011 Christine Lagarde becomes head of the IMF: Will this inspire future female business leaders? This is a reprint of the Blog article. Since inspiration can come from many different sources, you might like to look at the excellent Business Because website. The company is run by 3 very smart ladies, Kate Jillings, Maria Ahmed & Sian Fleming Jones.
Le Cercle des Echos, 1 juillet 2011 Christine Lagarde au FMI : un modèle pour les futures femmes chefs d’entreprise Christine Lagarde a décroché le poste qu’elle désirait tant – et avec elle les Européens – à la tête du FMI. Si elle avait été un homme, chacun s’interrogerait de savoir si son parcours professionnel l’a convenablement préparée au 2e poste le plus important au monde.French version of June 29th, 2011 posting

Higher Education 

International Business Education

International Education in Business(2015). Innovation & Alliances in International Management Programmes: The Transcontinental Alliance Tracks at Grenoble EM, International Education in Business, Vol. 8, Issue 2 by Thomas, M., O’Sullivan, P., Zahner, M. and Silvestre, J.

senatehall Senate Hall: (2014). Strategic Alliances in the marketing of higher education: a framework for enduring successJournal of Strategic Management EducationVol. 10, ISSN: 1649-3877 by Mark Thomas
Global Focus Global Focus: (2015). The Corporate Perspective on Master Programmes, EFMD Global Focus Special Edition by Mark Thomas
 BizEd BizEd: (2014, Nov/Dec). How Business Schools Inspire Innovation: Think Fast. The AACSB Bized Magazine (pp.21-22) by Roche, L. & Thomas, M.
EFMD Global Focus (Volume 5, Issue 3) September 2011 Will social networking kill the radio star this time? (page 36) by Mark Thomas & Matt Symonds Debate between Matt Symonds and myself on the role of social networks in the promotion of business schools.
INFO Magazine : CCFGB August / September 2011 Social Initiatives in Business Schools (page 30) by Julie PerrinHalot & Mark Thomas This past decade has witnessed a significant increase in the number and variety of social initiatives that Business Schools are engaging in. 
The Independent 18 August 2011 There’s never been a better time to head abroad for your studies By Stephen Hoare With university tuition fees rising to a maximum of £9,000 a year from 2012, UK students are increasingly exploring their options for studying overseas.
  AMCHAM “Commerce in France” July / August 2011 Away we go: Studying Abroad by Mark Thomas & Amanda Peaker Marshall McLuhan’s 1960s prediction of the world turning into a Global Village has come to pass. For young graduates, an international experience is a very useful selling point on a resume. But students and parents are often unsure as to how they can organize this.
  The Guardian, 21 June 2011 The Great MA Getaway by Stephen Hoare UK students are increasingly seeking out world class Masters degrees from many European universities as a way to gain international experience -and save money. This article focuses on students studying in Grenoble.
EFMD Global Focus (Volume 5, Issue 2) June 2011 “Beyond the Campus: How Business Schools can Contribute to the Community” by Mark Thomas & Julie Perrin-Halot Business schools need to reflect on their overall role within society and to emphasize more strongly the contributions they have been making to their communities.
AMCHAM “Commerce in France” January 2011 The Financial Crisis and the Response of Business Schools by Mark Thomas The financial crisis has very much brought to the fore the role and the impact of business schools upon the economy and society at large. However they should be aware that there are some things that they are unable to predict.
Financial Times, January 31 2011 UK schools wary of new visa rules by Ian Wylie The tightening of visa rules for students will have a negative impact on UK universities looking to recruit abroad. It may also have a positive impact to other countries that are looking to attract international students.
Business Because 24 December 2010
Dear Britain, THANKS! Love France by Samuel Hargadine By tripling UK higher education tuition fees without giving the institutions sufficient time to prepare, the British government may have inadvertently handed a strategic advantage to business schools across The English Channel.
Le Cercle des Echos, 13 Décembre 2010 Financement de l’enseignement supérieur : ne payez pas les frais du mensonge En cette période d’austérité, la question du financement des études est plus pertinente que jamais. Il suffit de regarder les chiffres pour rapidement comprendre la problématique. La démocratisation de l’enseignement supérieur exige des ressources de plus en plus importantes.
The Economist, 10 December 2010 Merci, George by Bill Ridgers & Mark Thomas High price combined with low differentiation is always a recipe for disaster and increased UK tuition fees puts UK business schools in this position.
Eurograduate, December 2010 UK fees – What this could mean for European Schools by Mark Thomas British business schools have enjoyed a great deal of success in the past years in large part for the quality of the teaching of such ideas. How ironic then, that the proposed increase in tuition fees may squeeze them into a perilous strategic position.
  Eduniversal 30 October 2010 Global Crisis and the Business School Response by Mark Thomas In response to the current financial crisis, business schools have fallen into the trap of first doing very public mea culpas and then rushing to portray themselves as reformed sinners who have seen the light. This strategy is a mistake. (Ppt presentation available on request)
  CEIBS, EFMD Host 3rd EU-China Forum, 21 & 22 June 2010 International accreditation & its effect on Business Schools? by Mark Thomas Deans and professors from business schools across the globe and the business leaders who hire their graduates take a frank look at business management education during the 3rd EU-China Forum. The day-and-a-half-long event, jointly hosted by CEIBS and the EFMD, explored the theme of “Globalizing Management Development — Moving Forward”. (Ppt presentation available on request)
EFMD Global Focus (Volume 3, Issue 2) June 2009 Why business schools need their own cross cultural awareness by Mark Thomas The development of a world market for executive education means that business schools should be prepared to adapt their pedagogical methods.
AACSB BizEd, June 2008 Vive l’accréditation! by Julie Perrin-Halot & Mark Thomas Accreditation has had an extremely positive impact on business schools within Europe and France in particular. By engaging in this process they have made themselves more efficient and have been able to adapt to the needs of students and the business community.
Times Higher Education Supplement, 8 May 2008 Revolution is in the air by Matthew Reisz Changes are taking place in higher education institutions across the continent.