Harvard AMP Books


cover cover 2 Reorganize for Resilience cover
The book is essentially designed for managers and executives who may not be familiar with the main theories of macroeconomics. This book offers a solid basis for those interested in managerial finance, with or without a heavy financial background.

Companies need to break the internal barriers that often impede action.


Cover pic competitive strat hbr cover
An excellent read that challenges managers to think about their own vision of what they and their organisation contribute to society. The all time classic book on strategy and still a good read 30 years on.

A collection of the ten most read articles that have been published by HBR on strategy.


featured image.jpg cover
Steve Jobs’ favourite book. Any more questions? This book brings in not only the concept of auctioneering (getting several potential buyers to participate at the same time) but also shows how the two are compatible with each other.

Political and economic strategic analysis of 11 different countries around the world.


The New Science of Retailing: How Analytics are Transforming the Supply Chain and Improving Performance Value Merchants: Demonstrating and Documenting Superior Value in Business Markets cover
The business of retailing has transformed, and will need to continuously adapt according to the emerging innovation-driven environment. This book is an excellent guide to anybody interested in learning how to optimize a company’s offerings to its maximum value in the eyes of the customer consistently.

The book is a useful guide for senior executives to improve their leadership strategies based on financial valuations or to fine tune their financials.


Teaming cover
This book first outlines the correlation between the success or failure of an organization and how well the smaller units within it, its teams, work in carrying out projects. Classic book that gives the ins and outs of creating new markets.
An excellent history of finance. Easy to read and lots of interesting examples.

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