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Your luggage or their lives….lessons from the Moscow airport crash.

luggage.jpgOn May 5, 2019, a Sukhoi Superjet-100 crash led to the death of more than 40 people. Early reports indicate that passengers taking their belongings with them may have slowed the evacuation.

How can we stop people choosing their own luggage over someone else’s life?





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Back in Cambridge: rain or shine

For the second year, Downing College, University of Cambridge, will welcome a group of 24 students for another transcontinental semester.

Located in one of the oldest British institutions, students will start their semester focusing on global management mainly devoted to the core courses of

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Columbia University opens its door for a new transcontinental program in New York City!

IMG_0702 First day at Columbia University

First days in the Concrete Jungle

10 lucky students have arrived in New York City for the first edition of the Columbia University Transcontinental track. This off-site program has been tailored with a focus in Geopolitics and is dedicated to Master 2 students.

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Noémie Frohn and Loïse Mercier, students at GEM and representing France in an international student challenge powered by Capgemini.

We have been chosen among 14 other teams to represent France and AccorHotels in the Innovators Race challenge. It is an international innovation race between students of 6 countries: India, Brazil,…

Source: Noémie Frohn and Loïse Mercier, students at GEM and representing France in an international student challenge powered by Capgemini.

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Anticipation, Excitement and Futures: GEMove International Allocation Day


The GEMove International Allocation Day, a very special day for many students at Grenoble École de Management, is approaching quickly and the excitement of the day is rising as each day draws nearer. On February 3, more than 500 applicants will choose where they will spend their semester / one-year study abroad or double degree next year. There will be

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Transcontinental Track in New York: GEM cooperates with the US-Ivy League Columbia University

ColumbiaUnder the direction of Mark Thomas (Associate Dean & Director of International Affairs) teachings will be conducted by professors of GEM and resident professors to ensure students get the same theoretical content as they receive in France combined with regional education in the area of studying. In order to fulfill the demand for American culture, the International Affairs department is proud to announce a further common best-in-class Transcontinental Track program with one of the US-Ivey League members – the Columbia University in New York. If you like to see the world in one place, New York would be the most convincing option. Besides being a commercial power house, the city is an educational hub with huge international student population.

Universities like NYU and Columbia have close 10,000 international students each for every academic year.

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Greetings from Beijing

We arrived at Beihang University in the beginning of September, in the fascinating city of Beijing, cultural and political center of China. A mix of surprise, adaptation and amazement, these few words will give a little hint of what the Transcontinental Track in Beijing is.

Trans Beihang

What are we talking about?

The Transcontinental Track Beihang University is a class of 28 students, 26 in their 2nd year at GEM and 2 Chinese students from Beihang, that take their classes on the campus of Beihang University in the northwest of Beijing from September to December. We follow

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December 12, 2015 · 11:32 pm

Gallipoli: Drawing different lessons from history.


Gallipoli: Drawing different lessons from history.

300 kilometres south west of Istanbul lies the small seaside town of Gelibulo. With a population of 30 000, this friendly little town has the makings of the perfect place to get away from the noise and the bustle of Istanbul. The sun never stops shining and the temperature is a near perfect 30°C. Only the incessant wind prevents it from being the ideal tourist location.

If this small town is practically unheard of under its Turkish name, its English translation, Gallipoli, is known to all historians of the First World War. Depending on where you come from though, you might not come to the same conclusions. The French have all but forgotten this 8 month campaign and the British view it as a foolhardy side show that was championed by Winston Churchill. To Australians and New Zealanders it is the symbol of the devastation suffered by their ANZAC soldiers…

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Just forget the world: study and research in the calm of Cambridge University


10 Downing Street and the door

It is the silence that is probably the most enchanting. On a mid-Friday morning in the centre of Downing College not a sound is to be heard. And yet just a few more from the same spots, double decker buses, taxis, and whole variety of cars, fight gently with pedestrians and cyclists to get along the busy Regent Street. This is Cambridge where one of the world’s oldest universities meets the world of technical innovation.

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Warren Roy and Kelvin Ng, Global Relay, Vancouver, talk to GEM & SFU students about startups during Innovation Business Week


Second edition of the Business week in Vancouver kicked off by an excellent speech of Warren Roy, CEO of Global Relay. The Business week is organised for the students from Grenoble Ecole de Management who are participating in Entrepreneurship program run cojointly with Beedie Business School of SFU. Here are some of the most interesting ideas Mr. Roy outlined.

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