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Strategic Alliances in the marketing of higher education: a framework for enduring success

“As with any organization wishing to internationalize its products or services, higher education institutions (HEIs) are faced with a multitude of cultural, financial and administrative challenges. Given that HEIs are quite labor-intensive, generally have low operating margins and find it relatively difficult to achieve economies of scale,

this problem is exacerbated. It often becomes difficult to justify the high cost of international travel to recruit only a few students from one country. The obvious solution is to market within a few countries that can send large numbers of students. However, this diminishes the variety of nationalities in the classroom and the overall learning experience for all those involved. Such lack of diversity has been a source of complaint from many professors faced with ‘international classes’ that contain only one or two nationalities.”

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Golden Balls-Up : Why hiding information can be a dangerous game

(c) iStockphoto.A recent international conference in higher education (NAFSA) gave a fascinating insight of the need to be totally open and honest when setting up collaborative projects. A couple of renowned business schools were attempting to create a club of fellow accredited schools.
One of these schools, following its own political agenda, had attempted to exclude all schools from its own country despite the fact that 10 business schools “qualified” for membership. Their plan so spectacularly backfired that you almost felt sorry for them. Almost. Continue reading

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On MBA programme pricing

Kai Peters on MBA

A guest post by Kai Peters, CEO, Ashridge Business School.

Poets and Quants is a blog run by John Byrne, the man who originally brought business school rankings to the world in 1988 in Businessweek. Since everyone likes a list, he continues to compile them.

Wharton MBA cost

$172 000 for an MBA at Wharton is “good value” according to Anjani Jain, Wharton’s vice dean.

A recent list that caught my eye is a list of the most expensive programmes in the world. In first place with a bullet is the EMBA programme at Wharton – coming in at $172,200. In the accompanying article, Anjani Jain, Wharton’s vice dean, MBA Program for Executives, comments that the programme is good value. I wonder if he said that with a straight face or with tongue firmly in cheek? Continue reading


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