Global Higher Ed blog

  • Blog on higher education throughout the world which aims to “survey the construction of global knowledge/spaces for the ‘Knowledge Economy’. Intended to serve as an archive of developments in the area of higher education. Written in a professional style with numerous graphs and statistics.
  • Sample posts

International Higher Education Consulting blog

  • Blog on international higher education topics such as study abroad
  • Probably a bit America-oriented
  • Sample posts
    • Education tourists – misguided migration
      • In this guest post to IHEC Blog, Study Group’s Michael Cornesc considers the recent revisions to the UK’s international student visa system and their implications for the country’s higher education sector and economy in 2012
    • Top 17 IHEC Blog Posts of 2011
      • A selection of IHEC’s most visited blog posts from 2011. Topics include how long a Study Abroad program can be and at what age must a student be to study abroad program be. Educational resource lists are also included

Learning Across Borders

  • Authored by the director of the international centre of the University of Missouri, the blog discusses on a wide variety of cultural, international and educational topics and also book recommendations
  • Sample posts

French Business Education blog

  • Blog on French business schools (in French)

NAFSA blog:

  • Places a spotlight on the importance and impact of international education. Provides an area for discussion of innovative approaches to making the college experience more international. Learn about tools and resources for international educator
  • The blog of the leading professional association, dedicated to international education
  • Sample posts

Dan Ariely’s blog

  • Author of Predictably Irrational & Upside of Irrationality
  • Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University
  • Conducts research in behavioral economics and provides explanations in everyday language. Topics of posts are taken from a wide variety of issues and aim to explain why people behave in a certain way and often irrational.
  • Sample posts
    • Why Businesses Don’t Experiment
      • Takes a look at why business prefer answers from consultants and input from focus groups whose expertise may be questionable when businesses should more practically conduct experiments to set strategies.
    • The Psychology of Money and Habits
      • An insight into how the mind makes decisions about money correctly when time is limited and the question isn’t simple. Discusses the downside of making decisions based on past experience.

PCC Advantage blog

  • Witty musings from a post grad student working in Higher Education
  • Blog from someone who loves both education & their job
  • Sample posts

Year One

  • Inside look at student’s first year at university
  • Sample posts
    • Thanksgiving Abroad
      • Flora’s experience of celebrating a traditional American holiday while studying abroad in the UK.
    • The End of Something Beautiful
      • Ruby looks back on her experiences during her first year at University and how she has changed.
    • Keeping A Calendar
      • Flora discusses the value of keeping an organized calendar and the positive effect of knowing one’s schedule and upcoming deadlines well in advance.

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    I have nominated your blog for the Most Influential Blogger Award.

    More about this nomination is at:

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