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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all of you that are celebrating it over the coming days. Many thanks for reading and for your comments during 2013.


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Danger on the Horse Highway: a slightly skeptical tourist remembers why the car replaced our equestrian friends.

Horse highway Kızıl Adalar, Turkey

It is a long forgotten fact that when cars were first introduced into cities in the late 19th Century they were welcomed as an environmentally friendly alternative to horses. With the help of two economists, a short trip around a ‘secluded’ island is a fun day out and a sanguine reminder of just why that might be. Continue reading

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Didim. Did it. But I didn’t do my research.

Didim beach, Turkey

One of the things professors are constantly telling students is to make sure they read the entire exam paper before starting and never sign an employment contract before they have studied it several times. The same logic works for a holiday destination and this professor might think about taking his own well meant advice. 

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Merry Christmas and Many Thanks

Christmas trees in the USA

Merry Christmas and many thanks to all of you for your contributions and for reading this blog throughout the year.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy festive season.


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Jessica Grenat, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experiences at Singapore Management University.

With a thriving environment, Singapore is an amazing experience to live, willing to preserve its traditions in an advanced society! Symbolizing the Asian golden coast by excellence, it is quite Americanized, focusing on shopping, but also impressively developed in terms of growing companies and infrastructures. And, at the same time, Singapore is alive keeping a deep Asian culture celebrating each tradition and religious event in the streets.


Photos and text by Jessica Grenat



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BOOK REVIEW: “The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands” by J.N. Kapferer & V. Bastien (2009)

Key words
Luxury, fashion, premium, strategy


If you are currently spending a few weeks in a vacational coastal city of your country, jealously admiring the ostentatious wealth of the rich and famous, this book may interest you. It defines what constitutes a luxury product and how companies develop their strategies to profit from this status.

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To get you into the mood for the holidays: MOVE by Rick Mereki

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