New Grenoble EM programme at the University of Cambridge (Downing College)

First day at Downing College, University of Cambridge

First day at Downing College, University of Cambridge on the Transcontinental Programme

It was a great honour in September to be able to open the Transcontinental Programme at Downing College, University of Cambridge. This is the fourth programme in this series that we have launched in the past few years. For the entire semester, 32 Grenoble EM first year Master students will be studying their courses with a mixture of professors and guest speakers from Grenoble as well as from one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Bild5Downing College is one of the 31 colleges that make up the University of Cambridge, the UK’s second oldest university. The university has formed such minds as John Maynard Keynes, Stephen Hawkins as well as numerous leaders across the world.  Downing was founded in 1800 as is known as being “the oldest of the new colleges and the newest of the old colleges. The name will be familiar to political scientists given that the British Prime Minister resides at 10 Downing Street. In fact, there is a direct link with both places being named in honour of the same family.

The students began their programme with a discovery trail of Cambridge learning terminology such a “town and gown”, “punting” and “Student’s Union” along the way. It was also the opportunity to discover some of the most famous colleges of Cambridge such a King’s and Emmanuel and to take in the history of the UK’s second oldest university. Created in 1208 Bild3after a dispute between academics and the townspeople of Oxford Cambridge has grown to begin one of the most well known universities in the world.

Grenoble students on the programme will study core courses from the first year Master course and will benefit from having guest speakers bringing their Cambridge Expertise to the programme. The first lecture was given by Professor John McCombie, a renowned economist at Downing College, on the subject of:

The Economics of Sex and Health

An excellent topic, though sadly, though, the “S-word” was a  reference to gender rather than anything more intriguing!


As the Cambridge students begin to arrive and pick up their studies from October (the Cambridge University term is only eight weeks long) GEM students will be integrated into activities on the campus. This will include sporting activities and what is said to be a sumptuous firework display given by Downing College on November 6th (the day after Bonfire Night in the UK).

I am particularly grateful to several people at Bild2Downing College who have been most supportive in this wonderful initiative for Grenoble students. This includes Professors Nigel Allington who has taught for many years in Grenoble and has been highly instrumental in setting this programme up as well as Professor John McCombie. My GEM colleague Patrick O’ Sullivan has also proved as vital as always in this initiative.` Finally, a word of thanks should be given to the late Emeritus Professor Barry Moore who had also been extremely helpful in creating this exciting programme. Sadly, Barry left us in August shortly and is deeply missed by many.

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Just forget the world: study and research in the calm of Cambridge University

10 Downing Street and the doorIt is the silence that is probably the most enchanting. On a mid-Friday morning in the centre of Downing College not a sound is to be heard. And yet just a few more from the same spots, double decker buses, taxis, and whole variety of cars, fight gently with pedestrians and cyclists to get along the busy Regent Street. This is Cambridge where one of the world’s oldest universities meets the world of technical innovation.

From Harvard to GEM: Co-teaching on Strategic Management and Leadership

2012-11-30 14.02.39It was a great pleasure during the last semester to share a class at Grenoble EM with Dr. Gregg Glover. Gregg has been a good friend for many years (though he might deny this!) and I am delighted he accepted our invitation.

He did his doctorate in organization change at Harvard University and has worked there for over 25 years. He was able to bring his vast teaching and professional experience to the class and share some of the things he has learned and studied while working for the world’s most known university. Read more…

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