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Make 2013 “A Year of Failure.” It may be the quickest road to success.

A sporting New Year 2013

13 is an unlucky number in many cultures. If you are of the superstitious disposition, then 2013 may not seem like the best possible year for you. Rather than spending twelve whole months avoiding black cats or trying not to walk under ladders why not accept that you will get you share of bad luck in the coming year. Indeed, it might even be better to take a proactive approach. Go looking for as many failures as possible. This could be the fastest route to success. Ask Michael Jordan.  Continue reading


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Work: It’s what you do, not where you are

An old joke

A CEO is showing a visitor around his factory. The guest asks politely:

“How many people work in your company?”

The boss looks at his employees sitting at their desks, reflects for a moment and then replies.

“Oh, probably about half of them!”

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