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Tony Liebo, Wells Fargo, Seattle, talks to GEM & SFU students about finance during Innovation Business Week


The last company visit of the Business Week 2015 was at Wells Fargo. We were explained that there are two main ways to measure the success of a bank: its assets or its market capitalization. As Europeans, only a few of us have heard of Wells Fargo before. However, Wells Fargo is the largest bank in the world measured by market capitalization. But there are only a few Wells branches in Europe: they are mostly settled in the US and in Pacific Asia.

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Photo of the week : Grenoble EM on the NASDAQ


I have a wonderful colleague, Lisa Jane Perraud, who works for the Careers Service at my school and has done great job over the past few years. However, this week even she has surpassed herself with this photo! She is currently in New York with 25 students from my school that are studying finance. Lisa Jane has been working extremely hard over the past 2 months to organize a marathon week of company visits (the students will have had 13 in a week!)

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