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An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus) Part 3: Advice for Young Graduates

An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus)

An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus)

Tom Enders has had an interesting academic background, prior to getting involved in Germany’s political affairs and the German defense sector and then his corporate career at Airbus and EADS.  In his early 20s, besides the University of Bonn, he also went abroad to the United States to study economics, politics, and history, an experience that gave him a launch into ‘going international.’  He offers his advice for young business graduates in their 20s today.

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BOOK REVIEW “Good Strategy / Bad Strategy” by Richard Rumelt (2011)


John Kay, one of Britain’s leading economists, declared that this is “the first book on strategy that I have found difficult to put down.” He is not the only one. It is an excellent read and gives a very thoughful insight into the strategic choices that companies must face. This has to be one of the best books on strategy that I have read this year.

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