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Snow Patrol, Irrational decisions and Studying in Grenoble

October and it is already snowing in Grenoble! 

This weekend there were some 20 cms  (8 in.) of snow in Grenoble. In October! This is almost unheard of though you won’t hear those in the skiing industry complaining. This may also be good news for international students coming here soon on a study abroad program. In fact, just this week we finished the recruitment process for next semester.

Back in February I did a survey of international students   to see of the prospect of doing some skiing was important in choosing to study in Grenoble. Nearly 50% of them said that is was very important. Is this a rational decision for future managers to make? Continue reading


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Snow Patrol and the art of making irrational decisions

Freezing in France (and the rest of Europe!)

A vast wave of freezing weather has descended upon Europe and it is absolutely GLACIAL outside! In Grenoble it was -15°C this morning and this felt even colder due to the icy northern winds. Just walking outside can become a frozen adventure even for the most warm and gracious souls.

The good news though is that in a place that is proud of its status as a former Olympic City the surrounding mountains are very white indeed and when inquiring about colleagues’ weekends there is only one question you need to ask:

“Did you or didn’t you?” (Go skiing, of course!)

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A lesson in technology etiquette from a couple of geeks

Using technology well A recent trip to Canada showed how to deal intelligently with modern technology, and to get a lot more done.

I admit that I went on the trip with a certain amount of trepidation. As I flew across the Atlantic, my head was filled with thoughts of forthcoming, somniferous meetings fighting jetlag and trying to understand the basics of concepts data mining and cloud computing.  And yet, I had one of the most productive and enjoyable meetings I have had in a long time. How come? Continue reading


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