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BOOK REVIEW: “Talent Management : Financial Times Briefings” by Stephen Hoare and Andrew Leigh (2011)

Managing your talent in a companyTalent Management: Financial Times Briefings by Stephen Hoare and Andrew Leigh

Key words

Talent management, strategy, organizational culture, corporate culture, generation Y and generation X, women in business, Marks & Spencer, UPS, oil industry, Deloitte


Talent management is defined as “what an organization does to recruit, retain and develop talent for its future benefit.” This closely linked to the strategy and corporate culture and therefore the long term success of the organization. Understanding how to manage employees then is a key factor to maintaining profits.Performance Evaluation Continue reading


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The Dog Ate My [Oops!]

I might need some help here. I have been woefully negligent of my blog over the past few weeks. Having been reminded of this fact by friends and colleagues, I spent the entire weekend trying to come up with a reasonable excuse. The truth is I don’t really have one, which makes it even more imperative to think of something. In fact, this could be quite useful. Coming up with a decent excuse can be a useful business tool. It doesn’t do any harm when you’re a student who hasn’t done his assignment either. Continue reading


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