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BOOK REVIEW: “The Strategy Book” by Max McKeown (2012)

Max McKeownThe Strategy Book gives a clear and concise introduction to some of the main challenges that organizations face. It has many examples from different industries and challenges the reader to ask some difficult questions about their own practices. It is a useful introduction to the subject and a good book to provoke some discussion for more experienced managers.  Continue reading


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BOOK REVIEW: “Jack: What I’ve Learned Leading a Great Company and Great People” by Jack Welch & John A. Byrne (2003)

No one would ever accuse Jack Welch of being short on ego. As leader General Electric for 21 years he imposed his style as one of the most charismatic business leaders of the 20th Century. He was known as being one of the world’s toughest bosses, and was dubbed Neutron Jack for his capacity to get straight to the point. Fortune magazine named him “The Manager of the Century.”

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” by Peter M. Senge (2006)

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The Learning Organization, double loop learning, strategy, creative tension


Some books are worth reading several times. This is one of them. Written in 1990 when the West was getting used to the post industrial world and the development of a knowledge economy, it advocates the creation of a learning organization as a way of achieving sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors. Companies that prosper will be those than learn more quickly. At the time this seemed like a very innovative idea in the command and control world of traditional management. Today many of these ideas have been integrated into highly successful companies.
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