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Pascal Masapollo, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about his experience at City University of Hong Kong.

Pascal Masapollo talks about his time spent in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city where all your dream become reality ! It is not just about buildings and noodles but also about amazing landscapes, people, and cultural experiences ! The City University of Hong Kong offers amazing facilities (even a swimming pool!). Everything is made so that you can enjoy your time like never before…   So you’d better not forget your camera !!


Text and photo by Pascal Masapollo

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Your foreign accent: Love it and never lose it

Don’t tell your English professor that I told you this. Foreign accents are wonderful and whether you are travelling for study, business or pleasure you should do everything to keep yours. They can be good for business too.

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French Management Schools: Stop apologizing!

Studying in France

Over the past 20 years, management schools in France have led the way in providing young internationally minded graduates fit to work in modern business. They should recognize this and stop apologizing for what they have achieved. 

“Do any French people actually work in your school, Mark?”

My international visitor was looking incredulously around in the vast entrance of my school. This school lies in a medium-sized French city at the bottom of the French Alps. I had just taken him for coffee with my Austrian colleague, had introduced to two programme directors (one Irish and one English), and had bumped into our Academic Director (Scottish) and one of our most senior professors in HRM (American).

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