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How partnerships can enhance organisational change.

Conferences, Partnerships and Change

Whilst the subject of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2013 conference, at Warwick University was partnerships; the issue of organisational change also ran through nearly all the sessions, in particular the idea that universities cannot stand still doing the same thing year after year.  Speaker after speaker illustrated how partnerships are one way in which they can effect change.

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The Internationalisation of UK Universities – a progress report

Cover pic internalization

This week, Philip Warwick, Senior Teaching Fellow at Durham University Business School, UK, writes at guest blog on the state of internationalisation in British universities. Professor Warwick has been studying the international strategies of a number of universities in the UK and in other countries. He has found that approaches vary across countries. Within the UK he has identified four specific strategies to international development within the group of universities he studied. 

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