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Everyone lies: Dr. House and email

(c) iStockphoto / ThinkstockEveryone lies” says Dr. House. Of course, we all tell little lies; they stop us from becoming social outcasts. One thing I currently lie about is the amount of email I get every day. I suspect that I am not alone in doing this. Continue reading


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A lesson in technology etiquette from a couple of geeks

Using technology well A recent trip to Canada showed how to deal intelligently with modern technology, and to get a lot more done.

I admit that I went on the trip with a certain amount of trepidation. As I flew across the Atlantic, my head was filled with thoughts of forthcoming, somniferous meetings fighting jetlag and trying to understand the basics of concepts data mining and cloud computing.  And yet, I had one of the most productive and enjoyable meetings I have had in a long time. How come? Continue reading


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