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Fixing positive change: creating an efficient corporate culture with a piece of string, a hammer and a bell

Using symbolic objects can be a powerful way to motivate staff and communicate a message. What, for example, do a long piece of string, a hammer and a bell have in common? The answer is that they can be found in three of the world’s most successful companies and have had an impact on positive change of the corporate culture.

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Building a better organization through strong leadership.

Business people in a meeting

A guest blog by Patrick Mazzariol and Tricia Underwood. 

The most important asset to an organization is the people making employee retention a critical element of the organization.  An employee’s reason for leaving their company may not be what you suspect: more money, a better title or a new career opportunity.  In fact, when one million people were polled by Gallop in 2008, 82 percent responded, stating that, “I left my manager not the company.” The same poll found that there is a high correlation between employee satisfaction and performance, and an even higher correlation between leadership practices and employee satisfaction. A manager’s leadership skills have greater influence on employee fulfillment at work that most companies are willing to recognize. Companies must take an active role to build key leadership qualities and environments, less face the revolving door of employee turnover and a weaker organization. Continue reading

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