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Walking on the Moon.…Armstrong, Hero or Villain ?

It hasn’t been a good weekend if you are a household name with the surname Armstrong. On Friday, Lance Armstrong officially threw in the towel in his fight to maintain the seven Tour de France titles he had won by effectively pleading guilty to using drugs. He thus gained the status of villain or fallen hero. Then yesterday, Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon died in hospital.

Our reactions to the two Armstrongs underlines how ambiguous we are in conferring hero status to people or to organizations. Continue reading


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BOOK REVIEW: “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions” by Dan Ariely (2010)

This book is an excellent read whether you are a business student or not.  It gives a fascinating insight into why we make decisions that are not totally rational or in our long term interest. Few things could sound as boring as behavioral economics! This book is anything but boring.

High-priced entrées on the menu boost revenue for the restaurant

Among other things you will learn why people will steal a coke from a fridge but not cash (i.e why we can be honest in one context and dishonest in another), why people prefer taking medicine that is more expensive even though there is a cheaper version that works in the same way, why we try to save pennies on some things and then spend enormous amounts of money on an expensive meal.
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A lesson in technology etiquette from a couple of geeks

Using technology well A recent trip to Canada showed how to deal intelligently with modern technology, and to get a lot more done.

I admit that I went on the trip with a certain amount of trepidation. As I flew across the Atlantic, my head was filled with thoughts of forthcoming, somniferous meetings fighting jetlag and trying to understand the basics of concepts data mining and cloud computing.  And yet, I had one of the most productive and enjoyable meetings I have had in a long time. How come? Continue reading


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