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Bert Tong talks to GEM & SFU students about entrepreneurship during Innovation Business Week


We had the pleasure meet at lunch time Bert Tong who has many experiences in entrepreneurship. Indeed, he launched Crate Away, a storage start-up which failed one year ago. He came to share with us his experience and explain us how he overcame this failure. The key lesson of this meeting is that relationships between co-founders matter the most. He insisted on the need of complementarity between members of a team. Being a successful entrepreneur is not only about having a good idea but about having reliable and trustworthy relationships. The network is at stake above all.

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GEM @ Amazon.com: Students on Innovation Business Week in Seattle get to see the workings of the world’s largest retailer



Work hard, have fun and make history at Amazon

Amazon is the world biggest retailer with $61 billion of sales in 2012. On February 13th 2014, a group of 30 students from Grenoble EM and SFU had the opportunity to meet one of the management teams at their Head Quarters in Seattle. Sarah Borowski, founder of Amazon Art, and some of her other colleagues,  gave a very interesting pitch on Amazon’s corporate culture and its business innovation processes.

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