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An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus) Part 1: The challenges of running a large international corporation

An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus)

An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus)

In May, I had the opportunity to interview Tom Enders, CEO of EADS. The company is often better known for its Airbus division.  EADS is a pan-European corporation that employs over 140 000 people and generated revenues of nearly €57 billion last year. It is a fascinating company for many reasons; its governance with diverse political interests, the strategic importance of the aeronautical industry and the very international structure of the organization. I am very grateful to Tom Enders and his team at EADS for a very open discussion I had.

In this three part interview, German-born Enders talks about the day to day challenges of running such a complex company, how strategy can be hampered by politics and gives some advice to young graduates beginning their careers.  Continue reading


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Jessica Grenat, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experiences at Singapore Management University.

With a thriving environment, Singapore is an amazing experience to live, willing to preserve its traditions in an advanced society! Symbolizing the Asian golden coast by excellence, it is quite Americanized, focusing on shopping, but also impressively developed in terms of growing companies and infrastructures. And, at the same time, Singapore is alive keeping a deep Asian culture celebrating each tradition and religious event in the streets.


Photos and text by Jessica Grenat



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