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Business school performance culture. Are we targeting the right things?

cover pic publish or perish

Those of us working in higher education at the moment must recognise that some of the targets to which are business schools work are leading to dysfunctional outcomes, for example staff being taken away from front line teaching and student support duties so that they can write articles for obscure academic journals.

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Study Abroad : Justine Lhoste talks about her double degree programme at the Laval University, Canada


cover laval

Laval University, situated in Quebec City, was quite a change for Justine Lhoste. As a GEM student, Justine is pursuing the double degree opportunity and wanted to experience a new culture, as she has already studied abroad in Ireland and Australia. From the start, she knew that she needed to be prepared to work a lot in her competitive Marketing MBA pursuit, and when she arrived in Canada, her expectations became reality.

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BOOK REVIEW: “From Higher Aims to Hired Hands” by Rakesh Khurana (2007)

coverThis book caused quite a stir when it was first published and perhaps not surprisingly since it is an “insider’s account” of why business schools have never gained the respectabilty they have searched for over the past century. Rakesh Khurana is a Harvard Business School professor whose book came at an end of a decade of a great deal of criticism of business schools that came mostly from within. That was just before the current financial crisis. Since the beginning of this crisis those criticisms have continued to grow.

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Future of Business Schools: Scenarios and Strategies for 2020” by Thomas Durand & Stéphanie Dameron (2008)

CoverWritten and coordinated by two French professors, The Future of Business Schools for 2020, sets out some of the challenges and external pressures on business schools today and the impact that may have for the coming years. Many of the European countries are dealt with individually; there is also an essay on the U.S.A, a more general one on business education in Latin America, and another one on management education in Asia.

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Does management work and does it have a future?

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I recently completed some research on the management and organisation of British universities, which concluded that despite being full of good intentions (in this case to internationalise their offering) they lacked the management experience and know-how to implement the changes necessary to implement their strategies.  Whilst it seemed fairly clear to me that what they needed to do was improve their management knowledge and know-how, it did not feel entirely comfortable for me to be saying this. After all I work at a Business School, one of whose primary functions is to provide management education to help managers develop their knowledge and know-how.

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Pascal Masapollo, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about his experience at City University of Hong Kong.

Pascal Masapollo talks about his time spent in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city where all your dream become reality ! It is not just about buildings and noodles but also about amazing landscapes, people, and cultural experiences ! The City University of Hong Kong offers amazing facilities (even a swimming pool!). Everything is made so that you can enjoy your time like never before…   So you’d better not forget your camera !!


Text and photo by Pascal Masapollo

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AACSB Associate Deans Conference: Leadership Skills and Strategies (David Logan: CultureSync & USC Marshall School of Business)

David Logan CultureSync and Senior Partner, USC


At the AACSB Associate Deans Conference 2012 David Logan, Senior Partner, CultureSync and Lecturer, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, gave a highly entertaining talk about dealing with ‘tribes’ in organizations. The title of the talk was “Leadership Skills and Strategies: Techniques and Tools on Leveraging Group Dynamics” and it gave some useful advice on how we can teach groups to develop a more positive attitude to their work.

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