Tom Britton, Elastic Path, talks to GEM & SFU students during Vancouver Industry Tour

    IMG_5775First day of the Vancouver Industry Tour was concluded by a visit at Elastic Path. We were lucky to have Tom Britton, Senior Director Product Development, as our guest speaker. Mr Britton gave us great talk about challenges in product development, innovation, and customized approach to customers.

  Elastic Path builds commerce software for a next generation of digital experience. More precisely, they help businesses to maximize revenue from their products, services, and content with websites, apps, and more – while generating a single view of the customer. Elastic Path works for 200 global enterprise customers, and supports them with over 130 dedicated employees around the world. For four consecutive years, they were ranked among the Top 100 of the fastest-growing companies in Canada. Technologists love Elastic Path because no other enterprise solution is more scalable, flexible, and easier to integrate with customer touchpoints and other enterprise applications.

Elastic Path

Mr Britton elaborates on the importance of product innovation.

The company was co-founded by Harry Chemko, the current Chief Executive Officer. Mr Chemko started Elastic Path in 2000 when he was freshly out of university. With only a $15,000 start-up loan from a non-profit organization, Harry’s optimism and energy drove the business forward, turning Elastic Path into the world’s leading provider of ecommerce.

Today, Harry is responsible for leading corporate strategy and driving Elastic Path’s vision. He believes that in this connected world, digital commerce is all about generating business value from great digital experiences across all touchpoints.

Elastic Path

Remarkably playful ambiance at Elastic Path

Things we are going to remember after the visit at Elastic Path

  • Although the company’s business is not oriented towards social activities, it provides a comfortable space for its employees to relax but also to keep a balanced work and life.
  • Despite having to deal with large companies (for example LVMH), Elastic Path as a contractor does not have access to sensitive and valuable consumer data. The way they customize websites is based on samples.

We especially want to thank Elastic Path’s team for their welcoming and their time dedication for us.

Written by Olivier Maurel

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