Koru outlines to GEM & SFU students career development issues during Seattle Industry Tour

IMG_2807On Thursday February 11, 2016,  we had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of Koru, a startup which aims at reducing  unemployement of college graduates. The company’s offices are located in Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco. In the United States, a lot of graduates currently encounter problems with finding a job. They often do not fit the required standards of corporations, 53% of them are un-employed or under-employed.


Courtney Sanford & Malena Harrang talked about Koru’s activities and programs

Koru provides a platform for employers to find a great talent, and for job seekers to get a job. One of its objectives is to give students a toolbox so that they are well-prepared for the corporate world and that they can be able to find a job and keep it. Koru advises students to act as if they owned a company they are working at and not to depend too much on other people.


Christina Mautz & Anh Nguyen helped us to understand what’s important for our future career.

Koru’s programs focus on 7 things : grit, rigor, impact, curiosity, teamwork, ownership, and polish. The company provides a 4-week program and a 8-week program which cost $1949 and $2899, respectively. That’s their first source of income. Koru also get funds from partner companies that hire their students. It is worth for them to work with Koru as finding the right person for a job is very hard and expensive. Koru works for top companies such as McKinsey, Linkedin, Facebook, Airbnb and Reebok.

At the beginning, it wasn’t really difficult to start their business because the CEO (Kristen Hamilton) had very good network. Currently Koru has really astonishing results: 88% of students and graduates that followed one of Koru’s programs find a job within 2 months after finishing the program.

Written by Thibault GUERAUD & Benoît FRANCOIS

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