Geocaching, let the adventure begin…. during Vancouver Industry Tour

IMG_2674As you walk in Geocaching offices, you discover that working here is all about games and innovation: foosball & ping pong tables, an amazing kitchen but also stand up desks, some people playing Fifa and others analyzing data on their computers!


What’s geocaching? Not many of could answer this question.

As you might have understood, Geocaching values are focused on the well-being of people (employees and customers as well). On the walls of the conference room, you can read: “What you seek is seeking you” or “Breathe. You are right where you are meant to be.”


We were lucky to have Bryan Roth (co-founder) as one of our speakers.

This company created an app and a website to allow people from all over the world to be part of a giant treasure hunt. Right now, the Geocaching community gathers more than 6 million people worldwide. Around 80 employees work every day to improve the experience offered by Geocaching.


This is called well-being at a workplace

However, the company is not well-know yet. Until now, they did not focus on marketing strategy, and they have chosen to focus mainly on the word of mouth of their fans. By providing a unique experience to people trying to find their treasures, Geocaching relies mainly on feedback provided by their customers… Customers? Not really, since Geocaching is a free App. However, their business model is based on a premium offer (you can have an access to more functionalities by paying an extra 30$ a year), on a merchandising program (tee-shirts stickers, etc…), and also on branded promotion and trackable promotion.

But Geocaching is not about making money thanks to technology. It is about using technology to allow you to become a part of an adventure and to become an explorer of the world you live in.  You might discover that the nest box just in front of your house is in reality a ingenuous hideout for a Geocaching treasure!


Thank you Geocaching for your warm welcoming!


After we officialy finished our visit……


…we went to find a legendary geocache, the Fremont Troll.


Is this a troll? Nah, too small.


This is the right size, color, and texture.

Written by Lucie Villain & Romain Spiegel

  IMG_2670 IMG_2668    IMG_2664 IMG_2665 IMG_2666    IMG_2654  IMG_2653     IMG_2682 IMG_2677 IMG_2676  IMG_2675

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