Frederick Davidson, Energold, talks to GEM & SFU students about environmental challenges for a drilling company

IMG_2458 During the morning in downtown Vancouver, we got to visit the head office of Energold, a leading global speciality drilling company. We were welcomed by Frederick Davidson, President and CEO, as well as Jerry Huang, Investor Relations Manager, into their office to discuss the impact Energold has on the mining, oil, water, and geotechnical industry.

Frederick Davidson

Mr Davidson explaining that drilling can be done in environmentally friendly way…

Energold is established in being a social innovative company that recognizes the need for a greener way of drilling for resources worldwide. They looked at the current practices that many companies use to extract their resources, and knew that there had to be a way to be green and socially sound. Energold was able to distinguish themselves by exploring projects worldwide in remote areas while providing highly mobile equipment that left a minimal environmental footprint. A few of the ways they are able to leave a minimal environmental footprint is by reducing the number of trees cut, building less roads, and providing less disturbance to the environment surrounding their projects. Between the period of 2006 to the present, they had grown from having 6 projects to 240 projects in 25 different countries.

Frederick Davidson

…with use of high-tech machinery.

Frederick Davidson discussed with us that they wanted to expand this practice of drilling by becoming the leader in international specialty drilling. Within the last 4 years, they have successfully achieved this by acquiring 3 companies: Envirodrill Ltd., Dando International Ltd., and Bertram International Corp. With this, they have opened more projects in the energy, mining and manufacturing sector to allow them to become a leader in the drilling market. Frederick displayed to us the equipment they used to extract resources which are easy to transport, and had depth capabilities that allowed them to be more efficient by only using a 4×4 metre space to extract from.


Energold helps to develp local communities

Along with opening more projects worldwide, Energold is committed to providing back to the community within these areas by providing jobs, training, and tools such as water wells and books for children. With their expertise in water drilling, Frederick showcased us the work they had done in Chihuahua, Mexico, where they provided water wells to the community that experienced issues with receiving clean water.


Talking about growing market share made everybody attentive.

Jerry Huang discussed with us the impact their company has towards other mining companies. With their leading-edge practices, Energold was able to expand their clientele with some of the top mining companies such as Goldcorp, Barrick Gold, and many more.  This has left a positive impact by increasing their revenues, and share value for the company. They hope to see this continue into the future, and acquire more projects along the way.

Our visit to Energold has shown us a lot about how it is possible to provide safe environmental practices in mining, and give back to the community with doing these projects worldwide. Into the future, we hope to see them expand even more, and become a leader in encouraging other companies to consider their environmental and social impact.

Written by Veronica Minenko

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