Radius outlines to GEM & SFU students entrepreneurial challenges during Vancouver Industry Tour

IMG_2427RADical Ideas, Useful to Society. Everything is in the name. Radius is the Beedie School of Business’ social innovation lab and venture incubator. The aim? Helping the new wave of entrepreneurs who want to create innovative rules in the present and complex environment.


Who knows? Radius might be helping anyone of us in near future.

The company is based on three pillars. First, there is the Radius Edu program which focuses on people. Its purpose is to support “Radical Doers” who have inspiring ideas to solve the present issues of our society. Then, Radius has developed the Lab –- which works on systems to analyse and find useful interventions to solve problems, it is the testing step. The Lab, collaborating with community, is in partnership with Ecotrust Canada. Finally, the Venture program tries to find the best emerging social ventures. Currently Radius has seven start-up projects in process.

The company has developed two main stages of acceleration: the Slingshot Accelerator is a six months program for growth stage companies and the Trampoline Accelerator – also called “pre-accelerator” which is an eight session validation program to test and improve business models.


Shawn Smith & Maggie Knight were very open in discussion with us.

During this company visit we met amazing people who were proud of their work, of what they built and who were willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us. Radius succeed in building a strong network and community that benefit the new wave of entrepreneurs. We really learned a lot! First, we were offered the opportunity to visit cutting-edge offices for entrepreneurs. We were impressed by this complete coworking space with shared desks, rooms, kitchen… We also had the time to discuss with the two founders of Radius and they gave us precise data about their daily occupation. Among the questions we asked, one was particularly relevant to share: do all startups need the help of an incubator? It was clear that the answer was no but we needed some explanation about why as well as what kind of startups needed an incubator. He took the time to explain a bit more: we can apply for an incubator whether if we need networking opportunities, help for funding, mentors, or quick growth support. But they are not a tech incubator so they won’t help you to find tech partner.

For us, students in Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship, it was very enriching to learn about how Radius can help them develop a start-up. That give us the motivation to continue our entrepreneurship journey!

Written by Ylias Medbouhi, Cassandre Milius & Lucie Payet

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