EFMD AC15: Eric Cornuel’s opening address

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At the 2015 Annual EFMD Conference in Brussels, Eric Cornuel welcomed the record number or attendees. In fact, 457 people were present and Mr. Cornuel thanked them warmly for their continued support of EFMD. The theme of the conference would be Impact, Passion, Creativity and Learning. Mr. Cornuel stated that the programme would over many of the key issues face by business schools and the business community today such as leadership, creativity, research, impact, alliances and much more.

FullSizeRenderMr. Cornuel also welcomed the presence of Charles Handy who has given a great deal of support to EFMD. He was pleased to discover that the first event attended by Mr Handy was in 1974. This is proof of the long lasting support he has given to the organisation.

 “Business education and business has many critics and we face many challenges.” Said Mr Cornuel. “However, I personally highly convinced of their importance for societies. All of us in the EFMD community should focus on the many positive aspects of business education.”

 He pointed out that EFMD has led the way in developing a certain number of specific products in business education. EDAF is helping business schools across the world develop in the same way as Médecins sans Frontières does in the medical field. It is a mentoring and development system for schools all over the world and in emerging countries in particular. Similar initiatives are now being taken in AACSB and AMBA.

EFMD has also launched the business impact survey, BSIS with the FNEGE. This is also a good tool to assess the impact that business schools have in the community. At the last award ceremony the IAE Grenoble, which has a budget of 3 million euros, calculated its economic impact as 97 million euros in the community at large. It seems clear then that business schools are playing a crucial role in society.

 Mr Cornuel asked the participants to enjoy the coming day of conferences & discussions. For the first time the conference chair would be a corporate member, Lauren Choan, Chief People & Communication Officer at Mazars. This is in line with the philosophy of having corporate members deeply involved in the development of EFMD and the business school community.

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