Sarah Viala, former Transcontinental student, meets GEM students in Vancouver downtown


On Tuesday Feb 10th, we had the pleasure to meet Sarah Viala who attended GEM Transcontinental program last year. She first came to Beijing in fall before arriving to Vancouver in spring to study entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation in a program jointly created last year by Grenoble Ecole de Management (France) and Simon Fraser University (Canada).

Sarah Viala, a 22 year old French student chose to stay in Canada after the end of the semester as she was offered a great job opportunity in Vancouver area. She is now a marketing & sales manager at Reva Solutions, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Mobile solutions.

She gave us plenty useful information about getting a job abroad, particularly in Canada. She explained us how it worked for her.  Sarah got this one-year placement thanks to SFU graduate network after successful passing the interviews.

Her employment contract ends in June. After that, she will be back in Grenoble to finish her last year at GEM (marketing specialization). Then Sarah plans to go to SFU for one more time as an exchange student and she wishes to find a job in Canada afterwards.

She is amazed by Canadian culture and that’s why she wanted to share her experience with us and to make us passionate about it.

It was really great to meet her and we will definitely keep in touch with her during our stay in Vancouver.

Written by Aldiana JAKUPOVIC & Pauline DERON



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