Drucker Forum 2014 – Launch event: Conclusion and debate.

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In the final part of the forum, Laurent Choain, the HR Director of Mazars group gives the conclusion to the forum.

Laurent concluded the morning by stating that Drucker worked within the real world. Before the Second World War there was no real structure to businesses as we know them today.

Business schools have their golden age after 1945 as well. This is understandable because they bring logic and structure to business.

 The new generation in companies don’t seem to have role models. There have been several types of generations since 1945. Our systems work so the fact that we have used them is understandable. Although the most creative people are often the most unhappy because they are trying to change the world.

He stated that his own generation did not have to fight for their place. It was a wonderful system  but it doesn’t exist any more. The question is not how the older generation can pass on its knowledge but how it can now allow the younger generation to create new ideas.

He finished by thanking Richard Straub for the organization of the day as well as the other members of the organizing committee.

Laurent-Choain_profileLaurent Choain

A graduate in Science and HR management from the Reims Management School and Paris I Sorbonne University, Laurent has led a 4-track career as Senior Executive in several large companies, lecturer in management, a consultant and an entrepreneur.

On the Education side, from 1991 Laurent worked as a lecturer in Leadership & Organisation Design at Reims Management School, prior to leading the HR and Management Department. In 1997, he was appointed Associate Dean, in charge of the School’s Executive Education until 2005. Laurent also led a parallel career in consulting, starting in 1990 as a junior “head-hunter” with Daniel Porte Consultants (now known as Hudson), then as Managing Partner of Forward Consulting (1991 – 1997) and ultimately as Special Advisor to several Chairpersons and CEOs between 1997 and 2005.

In 2002, Laurent founded along with the former Club Med CEO Serge Trigano and the former Havas CEO Pierre Dauzier “Moments of Life”, a start-up company that specialised in operating and developing corporate universities, which he co-managed until 2005.

Laurent is the Chairman of the ‘Cercle de la Prospective RH’ (HR Foresight Association), as well as a founding member of the ‘Cercle du Leadership’ (Leadership Development Association) and a member of the editing committee of ‘Personnel’.

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