6th Global Drucker Forum 2014- Welcome speech


Richard Straub began by thanking Sophie for the welcome and for hosting the event. He introduced the Peter Drucker society pointing out that it was a not for profit organization and that he was delighted to have a member of the Peter Drucker Family in the audience.

richard SThe Peter Drucker Society was founded to promote excellent management practices just as Peter Drucker did during his life. He stated that he was delighted to attract some of the most important members of the management community to the Peter Drucker forum.  Some people have said the Peter Drucker Society is too close to American and UK management practices.

photoHe went on to say that Peter Drucker did not want to follow the same path as everyone else. He wanted rebels and Mr Straub pointed out that France has plenty of those already. Drucker understood that business needed management whether it was for profit or non profit. The world economy is going through a difficult time and there is the need for more rigour and even better management. Drucker said that management is essential for society. They are a central resource to our society and its survival depends on their values and their competences.

He finished by thanking the sponsors such as Mazars, Canal Plus and Harvard Business Review and the audience for attending.

Richard_Straub_10Richard Straub– In his 32 years with IBM Dr. Richard Straub has held key international executive functions such as Deputy General Manager for PC Europe and Global Chief Learning Officer. Since 2006 he has started a new career working with non-profit organizations – as part time executive and as social entrepreneur. He is currently executive committee member at the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and Secretary General of the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG). In addition he retained a strategic advisory role for the IBM Global Education Industry.

As a social entrepreneur he founded in 2008 the Peter Drucker Society of Austria and in 2010 the Peter Drucker Society Europe. He is the president of both. The Peter Drucker Society has as its mission to be a catalyst for the improvement of Management as a vital role in modern society.

As the crystallizing yearly event the Drucker Society organizes the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna – the 6th edition will be held in November 2014.

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