EFMD Annual Conference 2014: Closing remarks

barbara spornRather than do a traditional closing speech, Barbara Sporn began her closing address by asking the audience the one key question from the conference: could they pronounce “WU” properly?! She then thanked the team members of WU for their dedication and effort in setting up the conference as well as Diana Grote and Eric Cornuel of EFMD. Ms. Sporn went on to outline the difficulty in summarizing such a rich conference, adding that EFMD conferences are like stock taking exercises that give time for reflection on issues in management education. 


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Jan Vogler, she said, told us to “let the plane fly.” Just allow others to learn and and give them the space to work.  Santiago Iniguez told us about falling in love with a robot. Then we will understand the true value of MOOCs. She hoped this would never happen. We were also told that ‘the goose doesn’t see the hawk’ when it is on the ground. We need to understand that all of us have different perspectives on things and work with such diverse visions.

Jan Vogler was a good example of competence, passion and people. We should strive to develop these three competences in our work.

Two topics that were looked at during the conference technology and also its impact on research on education. We would understand how to use technology and to ensure that it creates value for people. Technology is also changes our role within our business schools and universities and it is becoming more and more difficult to find the perfect solution for the differing roles of faculty. We should learn more from each other rather than trying to keep it all to ourselves.

She then thanked all the participants and spoke of her pleasure in chairing the meetings during the 2014 EFMD Annual Conference.

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EFMD Annual Conference 2013: “Efficiency and Creativity: the Impact of Management Education upon Business and Economy in Asia” by Dong-Sung Cho

photo(8)Dong-Sung Cho, Professor of Strategy, International Business, Management Design, and Sustainability Management at Seoul National University, gave a lecture at the EFMD 2013 Conference titled “Efficiency and Creativity: the Impact of Management Education upon Business and Economy in Asia.”  This lecture discussed themes of management education, particularly through creative channels, and their influence upon the economies in the Asian markets, especially South Korea and China.

EFMD Annual Conference 2013: “Fasten Your Seatbelts” by David A. Wilson

EFMD Annual Conference 2013David Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of GMAC, presented a lecture at the EFMD 2013 Annual Conference titled “Fasten Your Seatbelts.”  Higher education is facing an uncertain environment with differing approaches in pedagogy and turbulent markets.  Wilson discussed the state of higher education now versus what it was like five years ago, and he gave his vision for higher education in the future.

EFMD Annual Conference 2013: “Does Management Education Create Impact?” by Eric Cornuel

EFMD Annual Conference 2013At the opening address for the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) 2013 Annual Conference, Eric Cornuel, EFMD’s Director General and CEO, gave an inspiring introduction on the positive influence that management education has worldwide.




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