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EFMD Annual Conference 2014: Annual General Assembly

General assembly cover

 According to Alain Dominique Perrin, the year started positively with the largest number of Deans at the Annual Dean’s Conference in Istanbul. 2300 members have attended events and seminars throughout the year. Problems in the economic cycle mean that business schools are facing many challenges. EFMD is a source of knowledge and sharing of best practices to help them overcome these problems. Mr. Perrin then thanked everyone for attending conferences, being a part of PRT and making contributions on boards.

Alain Dominique Perrin then asked the assembly to ratify the new members into EFMD.

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EFMD Annual Conference 2014: Plenary III – Financial Models for Educational Institutions


Thomas Estermann began by talking about trends in finance in higher education. According to Mr. Estermann, performance based funding is now widely used but there are different ideas on what exactly the performance should be. The number of Bachelor and Masters Students is very important, as is the number of international students. What happens if the indicators change, especially if more than 50% of funding comes from public funds? Usually the indicators remain stable and there is also a dialogue between the different actors before they are changed.

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EFMD Annual Conference 2014: the SmartEcole project at EM Normandy


At the EFMD Annual Conference 2014, Olivier Lamirault & Laurence Hélène outlined the SmartEcole project that has been developed at EM Normandy in France. The school had in fact begun working on e-learning and blended learning pedagogies 15 years ago. With the SmartEcole, the idea was to the use the feedback they had had, their experience of blended learning with teaching practices known to improve the quality of learning and employability. Accordingly, they worked on individualization, engagement, learning by doing, collaborative work, formal and informal learning. Continue reading

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EFMD Annual Conference 2014: Breakout sessions- A4 – Roundtable on New Technologies & Accreditation


At the Roundtable Martin Schader the Associate Director, Quality Services, EFMD, and Rebecca Taylor, Dean Open University UK, spoke during the breakout sessions on Roundtable on New Technologies & Accreditation. Discussing how MOOCs are now becoming more prevalent in education as well as how different technologies can be embedded in the learning experience.

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EFMD Annual Conference 2014: Plenary II – Music and Leadership Skills


AT the EFMD Annual Conference, Joshua Jampul interviewed Jan Vogler on how his experience as a musician and what music can teach us about leadership. Jan Vogler began by explaining that he didn’t study in a business school. However, music taught him from the age of seven that competence is the very start. Being the best at a piece of music will mean that you become the leader. 

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EFMD conference 2014: Plenary I – Designing Learning Spaces

Wolf 1

Deans, rectors and architects have a lot in common; all three have to lift heavy weights. Weight costs money and involves a lot of time and politics. The goal of learning is to get knowledge but you also need real world experience.Architecture can help this process but it cannot improve the intelligence of the students. We have to understand how we can help them learn more. Continue reading

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EFMD Annual Conference 2014: Opening Address



The 2014 EFMD Annual Conference was officially opened by Barbara Sporn, Vice Rector & Conference Chair at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. She thanked everyone for their participation in the organising of the event and the large number of delegates that were participating. Continue reading

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