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BOOK REVIEW: “Strategic Leadership in the Business School: Keeping One Step Ahead” by Fernando Fragueiro & Howard Thomas (2011)

CoverAccording to Fragueiro and Thomas, the world has gone through a state of semi-globalization.  Though businesses are concerned by working globally, and many of their operations are handled on an international level, there still remain a lot of local idiosyncrasies, which include consumer habits and behaviors.  Business schools have been under pressure to adapt to this by giving their students a global outlook, but also remaining schools that are directly involved with their communities.  The financial crisis has added to criticism of what has been done in business schools, with one former Dean of a top business school even suggesting that the diploma should expire every 10 years, since clearly what was taught is no longer relevant.  Increasingly, the business school curriculum is being asked to offer a value proposition way beyond status and salary.  Continue reading


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