100 000 visits on Global Ed!


Over the weekend, Global Ed went past the landmark of 100 000 visits. Having started the blog just over two years ago as a way of either recording some of the activities involved in international affairs in higher education or expressing some ideas, I am amazed by this. This first post-100 000 visit post is a thank you to all the people that have helped me make the blog so successful.

Firstly, many other blogs have been sources of inspiration. A few stand out in particular.

One is Be the Change, which is written by Martha Graham at the James Madison University.   I am a regular reader of this excellent blog which gives insights into what is happening at the university but also the personal stories to some faculty and graduates. In September of last year, my team and I set up a sister blog site, Mainly International, we looked very closely at this blog for inspiration.

Another excellent blog, well worth reading is Tanny Por’s account of life in Greenland, The Fourth Continent. Having moved from Australia (not exactly the same climate) she outlines daily life there as she goes about working at the University of Greenland. It is a wonderful detailed account of a country that most of us know little or nothing about.

Other blogs were great sources of inspiration for their layout and the way they brought internationalisation to life. Lesley Carter’s Bucket List gives some wonderful ideas for living a more adventourous lifestyle. She currently has close to 30 million visits…so I have a long way to go. The Culturer is also a wonderful blog that celebrates the best of different parts of the world and invites the reader to become an epicurean like the blogs author. It really is a very beautiful blog to look at and has some great ideas if you are traveling. David Kannigan’s “lead.learn.live” also celebrates the best in life and how you should continue learning in whatever shape or form.

Secondly, I must mention must go to Lukas Vavra. Lukas, worked in the blog for most of last year, improving the layout, inserting photos and finding videos and other material to complement the articles. I simply would never have had the time to do this and I am unduly grateful for the time he put in. Obviously, I would also like to Regis Faubert who did the original work in setting the blog up back in May 2011. And of course, my own international team have been very helpful with their ideas and comments.

Of course, I have not written all of the articles in the blog. Philip Warwick has made some excellent and though provoking contributions about higher education. I am also grateful to Peter Lorange, Kai Peters and Patrick Mazzariol who made some excellent contributions during the early months of the blog. Patrick’s article, Beyond your Borders remains one of the most read pieces on the blog.

Conferences such as EFMD, AACSB and the Peter Drucker Forum have also provided excellent material and ideas for improving higher education.

To add to the written contributions, I am also very grateful to the many business leaders who have shared their time and insights. Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus) gave an excellent view of the challenges of the aeronautical industry. Tim Brown’s account of IDEO gives a fascinating glimpse into one of the world’s most well known innovation company and Anne Mulcahy (Xerox) and Rick Going (Tupperware) were just inspiring in their love of their company and their work.

Finally, a big thank you to the many professors and students that have made contributions from all different parts of the world. All the stories on people’s international learning journeys have been wonderful to read.

And of course, thank you for reading and being one of the 100 000. Writing the blog has been challenging at times but always great fun and it is nice to know that the articles are being read. So, here is to the next 100 000!


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8 responses to “100 000 visits on Global Ed!

  1. Congratulations, Mark. I must say, however, I am NOT surprised. You’ve done an exceptional job growing your excellent blog. I’ve enjoyed following Global Ed and I have learned a lot from it. And I have enjoyed “meeting” you!

    • Mark Thomas

      Thank you so much, Martha. It has indeed, been very nice ‘getting to know you’ at such a long distance. Many thanks again for you great ideas and I do hope that 2014 is the year we finally get to meet! Keep writing your wonderful blog. Mark

  2. Gordon RAY

    Congratulations–and thank you for your well-spent efforts. Always an engaging read!

    Kind regards,

    Gordon RAY

  3. Jane Delbene

    Congratulations Mark. Great achievement and I enjoy reading your blog.

    Jane Delbene

  4. Congratulations Mark and the rest of Global Education – I have really enjoyed keeping up with your blog and also learning something more along the way. It is nice to keep in touch with the outside world, and the world of management education in particular!

    How honoured I am to be mentioned in this post! It is quite funny that I am now working on developing and internationalising education in the Arctic – never dreamt in my life i would do this!! Perhaps I will write a blog post one day…


    • Mark Thomas

      Thank you, Tanny. As I said in my post, your blog is excellent and I think you are very courageous doing what you are doing. Good luck with all you international projects and do keep writing your wonderful blog. Best wishes, Mark

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