Peter Drucker Forum 2013: “Project Management, Systems Thinking & Complexity” by Terry Cooke-Davies


On the second day of the 5th Global Peter Drucker Forum, Terry Cooke-Davies took a look at the area of project management, systems thinking & complexity.  He stated that the world of work is increasingly moving towards the world of change and projects, and it is the management of these that are the keys to success.


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Terry Cooke-Davies thinks that in order to achieve this success, perhaps the management of projects should not be seen as a set of skills but rather as a context. It appears that oftentimes in management, we use similar language, yet we often mean completely different things, a common understanding should be found. This can prove difficult however, as project management is nothing more than dream engineering. In Project management you start out with a dream and you then have to make sure it happens, which requires strict planning yet may change in the context.

The meaning of project management can also mean different things depending on the organization it is used in. Therefore, we must be careful to ensure we are talking about the same thing. Project management involves all of the activities related to achieving dreams. In order for it to be a success, interaction between the different members of the team is crucial, as well as good leadership.

The challenge from here is to manage projects at all different levels of complexity.


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cookedaviesterry_170pxTerry Cooke-Davies (UK)

Chair of Human Systems International

Dr. Terry Cooke-Davies has been a luminary in the field of project management for decades. Having worked on project management benchmarking, the former Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency’s Managing Successful Programmes initiative, PMI’s OPM3 initiative, and ‘Rethinking Project management’, a UK based research network supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences research Council (EPSRC), Cooke-Davies now works to use academic research to improve corporate project management. In addition, he researches the roles and significance of project management, project sponsors and complexity theory.

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    Another great definition of project management is “the way an organisation manages a risk”…

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