PETER DRUCKER FORUM 2013: Welcome Address (Georg Kapsch)

kapsch cover

Georg Kapsch (AT)

President Federation of Austrian Industries (IV)
CEO Kapsch AG


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Georg Kapsch states that it is difficult to talk about complexity in a few words but it is necessary to understand networks and how they work. We need to distinguish between two kinds of complexity and the more complex the world becomes, the more complexity exists. Therefore, complexity needs to be managed, as it is the core element of a cyber-spaced economy.

Cyber space is caused by networks and increases the speed at which we do things. One of the core problems of complexity is awareness and certain activities such as twittering may even be taking our awareness away! On the one hand the cyber space and international divisions of support may add to the wealth of society yet on the other hand they may also add to the complexity of the world.

Georg Kapsch

Nowadays, few things are predictable. Government and society may make things even more complex than they need to be. How do we cope with this complexity?

We need an open mind and to work on our soft skills in order to create an understanding of the underlying structure of the world. We need to shift from experience to attention, and by doing so, increase our awareness of the world. We should also focus more on the heart rather than on the brain. Managing complexity requires an aligned organization which we cannot do by ourselves but can leverage the skills of the entire group to have a more efficient system. We also need to be aware of where the complexity is coming from for example raise politicians’ awareness, as they should also be thinking about the underlying problems rather than just think about the money.


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