Peter Drucker Forum 2013: “Solutions for Mastering Organizational Complexity” by Fredmund Malik

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At the Peter Drucker Forum 2013 in Vienna, Fredmund Malik looked at how we can master organizational complexity. He began by taking a historical look at how change has occurred in the past.


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Within his research he discovered the need for social methodology and one unique substitution process. We are currently in a situation where the old world is being substituted by the new world. Within this framework a form of creative destruction is occurring. Therefore we need to find a transition from the old world to the new world.

Contemporaries often appear to have a problem in understanding the underlying concepts of what is going on. Often they deny it, then fight for survival and finally become extinct.

We should ask ourselves is this pattern predictable?

Typical management tools do not suffice, it is essential to find new sciences that deal with complexity and also to look at existing sciences to understand the complexity of the world.

“Complexity is the raw material of brains and our knowledge.”

Fredmund Malik

Fredmund Malik

A crucial concept for understanding that certain networks are more complex than others is Syntegration: Systhesis and Integration.

Syntegration is free of hierarchy and thus leads to equal participation, as in a symphony whereby each person has a role to create one unique well organized piece of music. Furthermore, Syntegration means that change can be implemented very quickly. Fredmund Malik insists on the the efficiency of this procedure and states that based on his experience of 600 successful syntegrations, the speed in change can be brought in by a factor of 80 by using syntegration.

To sum up his idea Fredmund Malik emphasized that Real leadership is vital, not in an autocratic way but in a way that promotes social responsibility.


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fredmund malikFredmund Malik (CH)

Founder, Owner and Chairman of Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik is a habilitated professor of corporate governance, an internationally honored management expert and founder and chairman of Malik St. Gallen.

Malik is the largest knowledge organization for systematic cybernetic management solutions for the complex structural and control issues of all organizations with about 250 employees, international branches and partner networks for cybernetics and bionics. In the extra-university knowledge organization thousands of executives annually undergo further education in holistic general management systems and receive advice and support in the application of cybernetic management solutions for the twenty-first century.

His Malik Management Systems®,  which are based on the complexity sciences systematics, cybernetics and bionics are the most highly developed tools worldwide for the reliable functioning of organizations under the complex conditions of globally networked systems and the dynamism of profound change. The Malik systems are fundamentally different from conventional management ideas and far exceed these in their effect.

Malik is one of the most distinguished leading management thinkers and is a regular columnist in opinion-forming media. In his career to date he has consistently distanced himself from mainstream thinking and adopted new approaches. He has been honored repeatedly as the best-selling author of more than ten books. His classic Managing Performing Living is among the 100 best economics books of all time.

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