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An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus) Part 1: The challenges of running a large international corporation

An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus)

An Interview with Tom Enders, CEO of EADS (Airbus)

In May, I had the opportunity to interview Tom Enders, CEO of EADS. The company is often better known for its Airbus division.  EADS is a pan-European corporation that employs over 140 000 people and generated revenues of nearly €57 billion last year. It is a fascinating company for many reasons; its governance with diverse political interests, the strategic importance of the aeronautical industry and the very international structure of the organization. I am very grateful to Tom Enders and his team at EADS for a very open discussion I had.

In this three part interview, German-born Enders talks about the day to day challenges of running such a complex company, how strategy can be hampered by politics and gives some advice to young graduates beginning their careers.  Continue reading


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