EFMD Annual Conference 2013: Closing Remarks by the Chair, Philippe Haspeslagh, Dean of Vlerick Business School.

EFMD Annual Conference 2013: Closing Remarks by the Chair, Philippe Haspeslagh

Philippe Haspeslagh, Dean of Vlerick Business School ended the excellent 2013 EDMD Annual Conference with some memorable closing remarks, and set up the stage for next year’s conference, to take place in Vienna.   He began with a summary of the key elements covered by the conference. 

Complexity and diversity of situations, general education trends, growth of executive MBAs, and the notion of status were all discussed, but what underlined all these developments was a need for local and specific content within business schools.

Global Management in Africa

In Africa: 90 institutions looking after 1.1 million managers, simultaneously serving 1 billion people.

The Asia panel talked about wanting a higher influence in global management and the need for proper training to face this issue.  The Africa panel noted the 90 institutions looking after 1.1 million managers, simultaneously serving 1 billion people- one of the fastest growing areas in the world, an “underserved continent” as business schools would define it.  The shortage of management development in Africa is currently not a top priority for Europe and other countries; however, European case studies just won’t cut it in that country.

While it is the general perception that business schools should do something for society, this thinking is not a necessity for Africa.  In fact, there is a definite need to change our mindset from an old business school thinking to new business school thinking, taking into account the diverse issues and challenges that country-specific business schools and regional business schools may be facing today.

pwc and fgv partnership

Partnerships and collaborative programs in Latin America may set trends for business community.

The Latin America seminar outlined the developments on the continent while highlighting future challenges to be met. Partnerships and collaborative programs such as the one between FGV and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Brazil may be one method to reduce the gap between an ageing working population and the present trends of the business community.

Indeed, there is certainly a need to maintain a global outlook. EFMD has to ensure that its “40 year old tree” keep its internationalization sharp.  The organization can be confident that its offshoots in Hong Kong and Miami will be successful in developing the higher education market. However, it must maintain its linkages with regional schools, and guarantee that information and management development adapts to local differences.

Philippe Haspeslagh

Research is at the heart of business schools, but it is also a major obstacle.

Philippe Haspeslagh considered that one of the highlights of the conference was Soumitra Dutta’s lecture.  His personal reflections gave everyone a recap into the importance of research.  In effect, research is at the heart of business schools, but it is also a major obstacle.  The real challenge is in maintaining and recruiting the talent to enhance this.

The main point of the conference was for everyone to share their mutual issues and challenges in a dynamic forum, where everyone could help each other to compete against each other in a sense.  It is key to remember that the main goal for educators is to serve regional and global communities, and make a positive impact.

At the end, Philippe Haspeslagh thanked the EFMD team for organizing the annual conference.  He also thanked the participants and invited everyone to come to the 2014 EFMD Annual Conference hosted by WU Vienna.


Philippe HaspeslaghPhilippe Haspeslagh

Dean of Vlerick Business School

Philippe is an expert in strategic management and in making M&A work. Currently he is Dean at Vlerick Business School. Besides being a seasoned advisor to top management he also has a well-established track record in business as an entrepreneur and director.

As a leading international academic in Corporate Strategy and M&A with a career spanning Harvard Business School, Stanford, INSEAD and Vlerick Business School, Philippe Haspeslagh has worked over thirty years as an educator and advisor to top management teams in Europe and Asia.
A triple Harvard Business Review author, his work on portfolio management and his book on Making Acquisitions Work have become classics in the field. During his time at INSEAD he has supported numerous merger processes, directed scores of customised programmes and founded the International Directors Forum.
At heart an entrepreneur, he has co-founded a buy-out firm in Scandinavia, a VC firm and a listed asset management company in Belgium. He is a seasoned board member who held mandates in listed and large family firms in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Saudi Arabia.
He has closed the loop by returning to Vlerick Business School as dean, the school from which he graduated in 1973. He is Director of the European Academy of Business in Society and of Guberna.


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photoIn a closing lecture at the EFMD entitled “Preparing Our Schools for Upcoming Challenges,” Soumitra Dutta, the Dean of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University spoke about the challenges facing business schools today at the EFMD Annual 2013 Conference.  Issues of relevance and adherence to stakeholder interests were looked at, in mapping out the future environment for management education.

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EFMD Annual Conference 2013: “Reinventing Education” by Howard Lurie

photo(8)This year at the EFMD Annual Conference, the trend of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCS) were highlighted and built upon by Howard Lurie, the Vice President for External Affairs for edX, a Harvard and MIT online course initiative. The traditional model for higher education is now changing to reflect the emergence of open source content and learning online. The advantages and disadvantages of going online were discussed, how traditional university models could work with MOOCs to their benefit, and what the next steps forward are for edX amidst all this.

EFMD Annual Conference 2013: “Efficiency and Creativity: the Impact of Management Education upon Business and Economy in Asia” by Dong-Sung Cho

photo(8)Dong-Sung Cho, Professor of Strategy, International Business, Management Design, and Sustainability Management at Seoul National University, gave a lecture at the EFMD 2013 Conference titled “Efficiency and Creativity: the Impact of Management Education upon Business and Economy in Asia.” This lecture discussed themes of management education, particularly through creative channels, and their influence upon the economies in the Asian markets, especially South Korea and China.

EFMD Annual Conference 2013: “Fasten Your Seatbelts” by David A. Wilson

EFMD Annual Conference 2013David Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of GMAC, presented a lecture at the EFMD 2013 Annual Conference titled “Fasten Your Seatbelts.” Higher education is facing an uncertain environment with differing approaches in pedagogy and turbulent markets. Wilson discussed the state of higher education now versus what it was like five years ago, and he gave his vision for higher education in the future.

EFMD Annual Conference 2013: “Does Management Education Create Impact?” by Eric Cornuel

EFMD Annual Conference 2013At the opening address for the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) 2013 Annual Conference, Eric Cornuel, EFMD’s Director General and CEO, gave an inspiring introduction on the positive influence that management education has worldwide.

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