From No Snow to Chartreuse! : Mark Silberbauer, a student from the University of Cape Town talks about studying in Grenoble.

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From No Snow to Chartreuse! : Mark Silberbauer, a student from the University of Cape Town talks about studying in Grenoble. Why did Mark select GEM for his exchange? He lists several reasons.  He says he was looking for a life experience out of his comfort zone, one that would incorporate a foreign language and culture.  He adds, “my decision was completely based on having a new, cool experience that was not an English one.” 

Arc de Triomphe Picture- Mark Silderbauer

However, although Mark did not choose to study in Paris, this did not stop him from visiting the international city of lights during a weekend off.

The city of Grenoble had also been an appealing factor, as its location- at the foot of the Alps- provided opportunities to try skiing and snowboarding, and its specialty- considered the technology and engineering hub of France- also provided him with exposure to industries aligned with his academic background, which is in software engineering.  The costs of living in Grenoble were also a predominant factor in choosing Grenoble over an expensive city like Paris.

Out and About in Grenoble- Mark Silderbauer

Having fun on a night out in Grenoble!

However, because it was not deemed as an international city to visit, Mark thought this was the ideal chance to get a real, student experience in a local environment, where he could make good use of his previous year of French studies.

Grenoble was, and is, a city where one can really appreciate the French culture and learn French in a localized environment, versus studying in an international city, where he would have felt less pressure to learn and speak French for instance.

However, out of all these reasons, the pinnacle is the skiing and snowboarding factor.  After his friend from Colorado lent him all his snow equipment, Mark set off immediately to try snowboarding.  Coming from a warmer place- South Africa- Mark adds, “I had felt snow in my hand four to five times in my life before coming here, and I had never been exposed to weather less than zero degrees before.”  Mark certainly has taken advantage of the nearby ski resorts and stations that are numerous throughout the region.  When asked which ski station he prefers, he smiles and just says the following: “each ski station has a special place in my heart.”

Clearly, every ski trip, a total of nine trips so far, has been memorable, but unique.  One such experience is notably the ski trip in Chartreuse, where, with covoiturage (a popular ridesharing website in France), Mark also visited a monastery that has two monks manage the entire process of brewing the local and well-known Chartreuse liqueur.

He has definitely thrived in Grenoble, doing as locals do, and comments how his experience so far has been a lifestyle one, rather than just solely an academic one.

Speaking of which, Mark reflects on the classes in his Global Technology Entrepreneurship program, noting that the students were much younger than expected and had less working experience as a result.  However, this provides an opportunity for an open class environment and discussion, amidst a non-biased perspective, suiting him very well, as his focus is on learning and appreciating his French education, rather than memorizing and regurgitating class lectures.  He finds he can immerse himself in the courses from his program and supplement his background, as all the courses are based upon technological developments and applications in the business world, an element that is key for him.  The main difference between GEM and Capetown are the amount of group projects here, in contrast to the endless amounts of stressful, individual projects back in South Africa.  The group projects, being the norm, are central towards improving one’s team skills and managing deadlines.

Reflecting on the experience at Grenoble so far, Mark highlights the exchange as a lifestyle experience, combining Grenoble student life, academic life, and snowboarding of course.

Skiing in Grenoble- Mark Silderbauer

Mark’s first time skiing ever was in Grenoble.

His main piece of advice for students is to snowboard and ski as much as possible, and to join the Meet & Talk group on the student portal.  This online database features students offering to help others with one language, in exchange for help in another language.  Mark immediately searched up all French students interested in learning English, who offered to help others like himself in French, and contacted all of them via email.  He currently has around three lunches a week of these language exchanges between French and English, serving the interests of both parties.  Another final thing he will say to others interested in attending GEM, particularly those from South Africa, is to contact him directly for more details and an account of his own experience on dealing with French administration at the beginning of the exchange.  He is open to receiving Skype calls and emails, and also highly suggests for those interested in GEM to get as much feedback as possible from past exchange students.

Skype: marksilberbauer


Interview and article completed by Karicia Quiroz

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