From Grenoble to “Skyscrapers and Bricks”: A Bentley University Experience

Bentley cover

Two students from GEM, Dyveke and Andrea, are currently studying business at Bentley University for a semester, an experience they both describe as “American, but with European aspects.”  They are really enjoying their exchange in the United States, especially living on campus in Waltham, just a half an hour shuttle ride away from Boston.


Truly New England. Boston represents mixture of European and American cultures.

When describing the exchange itself, both girls agreed that what really motivated them to put Bentley as their first choice was its location in the United States, an ideal place to practice their English particularly in a business context, Boston’s New England flair with high levels of American modernity, notably described as a place “filled with skyscrapers but big bricks like England,” and the numerous possibilities that an international experience in the States would bring them.


Both students were suprised by the tough weather.

Although their expectations on what Boston would be like were pretty close to reality, the weather was definitely not however.  Both girls agreed that there is a lot more snow in the Boston area than expected and that Boston was not as mild as Grenoble.  However, another aspect that was not expected is a far more positive one.  Dyveke mentioned the welcoming approach of Boston locals: “Locals were really helpful; they would just come and offer to help us on the street if we were lost.”  Another positive aspect is the Boston city itself- it is very close to Harvard University, with good restaurants and shopping in the city centre, close to Harvard Square, all within the girls’ favorite shopping street, Newbury Street.


Classes required lots of readings and preparation in advance.

On campus life, both agree that there are similarities and differences to their school back in France.  Andrea noted how there were a lot more student organizations and clubs at Bentley, but they were a lot smaller.  “It was less official than at home,” she said.  Dyveke also added: “Classes are very different too. In the US, you have to study everything far more in advance, with lots of frequent tasks versus the big exams in France.”  There is definitely more emphasis placed upon weekly course work and participation than in end of term exams it seems.  Both also mentioned how there was more personal work and less group work, and a more competitive environment between students.  Besides more individual papers, participation, and weekly tasks though. Dyveke also said how classes were very engaging as a result- with students in their classes giving constant feedback within lectures and avidly participating in classroom discussions.


Dyveke and Andrea had numerous opportunities to meet with other students.

The Waltham lifestyle is unquestionably an interesting experience for both girls.  While Andrea lives in an apartment, Dyveke lives in a suite.  Both options have their differences.  While Dyveke may not have her own kitchen, she often goes to the dining hall with her meal plan, and meets many other students for “eating there is the social thing.”  Andrea, on the other hand, has her own kitchen and often cooks together with her roommates, not needing to buy any extra meal plans.  The restaurants in Waltham are pretty feasible as well, as they have student discounts and a lively, student atmosphere.  Both girls agree, however, that no matter where you are at Bentley, you are bound to encounter other international students, from Indians to Chinese, South Americans to Europeans and Australians, and many more.


The girls experienced an American way of life..

As to what they can take out of the entire Bentley experience, both have several things to say.  To them, Bentley is an enriching and international experience where one really gets to learn about other cultures and customs and improve one’s English at the same time.  The girls are definitely learning a lot, on both a cultural and personal level.  While Bentley demonstrates an American way of life, it certainly also shows some European aspects, making the city an ideal environment to visit, explore, and study in.


… and hopefully they will experience The American Dream as well.

Speaking of exploring, when discussing their plans for after the exchange, the girls both want to explore other main cities in the US for 30 days before going back home, particularly San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle for 30 days.  They are certainly thriving in their exchange and fully taking advantage of their student visas to really gain a grasp and feel for the diverse states that the US is made up of.



Campus Waltham was the right choice.

Both girls agree that, to fully benefit from the Bentley experience and all the student opportunities the campus has to offer, living on campus in Waltham is the best choice.  It is easier to make friends, meet people, eat and socialize with them, and get involved with student life, enhancing the entire exchange experience, with the grand city of Boston just half an hour away.

Interview and write up completed by Karicia Quiroz.


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