Co-teaching on Leadership & Management with Dr. Gregg Glover: the video…at last!

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Last year, I had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Gregg Glover from Harvard University to co-teach a lesson co-teach in Leadership, Management, and Strategy to Master in Management students at my school. I wrote this up in a post in December and after a short artistic pause, the video has now been completed. Many thanks to all of those who were involved. 


A word of thanks…

I would just like to thank the following people for their help in preparing this video.

Gregg Glover

My students from the first semester for their participation.

Marie Laure Capelle

Dominique Bussetta

Mary Parinello and Régis Faubet


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One response to “Co-teaching on Leadership & Management with Dr. Gregg Glover: the video…at last!

  1. The worst battle of personal leadership is knowing oneself in order to be an effective leader to others. With insight into one’s managerial style, conflict management ability, etc. leadership becomes easier to hone and maintain, and skills develop efficiently. Meta-cognitive thinking needs to be taught earlier, but as higher education professionals develop their communities and students, we can see young people become more self-aware leaders.

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