Photo of the week : Grenoble EM on the NASDAQ


I have a wonderful colleague, Lisa Jane Perraud, who works for the Careers Service at my school and has done great job over the past few years. However, this week even she has surpassed herself with this photo! She is currently in New York with 25 students from my school that are studying finance. Lisa Jane has been working extremely hard over the past 2 months to organize a marathon week of company visits (the students will have had 13 in a week!)


Nasdaq’s welcoming message displayed on Times Square.

Rather than just give the students a theoretical course in finance, the idea was to give them some real insights into the current trends in the industry. Given the very troubled times that we have been through in the past few years, the students seemed particularly keen to talk to company to understand their current issues.


Lisa Jane Perraud

Lisa Jane Perraud

Lisa Jane Perraud, has done a fantastic job in putting the program together. This week the students have visited Google, Wells Fargo, Societe Generale, Nataxis, Bloomberg and the New York Stock Exchange.

They have also been able to listen to some excellent speakers who are all experts in the world of finance.

I will be able to write more about next week when we have got Lisa Jane back (and given her 10 minutes to recover!)

partner companies

Students will gain valuable insights during several visits of multinational companies.

It goes without saying that we are very grateful to the companies for giving up their time to speak to our students.

GEM´s on Wall Street: Wells Fargo article

Check the students´ article about the visit to Wells Fargo.



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Back in February I did a survey of international students   to see of the prospect of doing some skiing was important in choosing to study in Grenoble. Nearly 50% of them said that is was very important. Is this a rational decision for future managers to make? Read more…

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Leading in Turbulent Times Good to Great 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Excellent advice taken from Lorange’s business and academic career. One of the most important business  books of the 1990s and has been in the best seller list ever since. Fantastic read for anyone thinking about their leadership style. Why are some companies having problems keeping good staff? How do you manage to keep them?

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ESC Grenoble




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