Clemence Crampon, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experience at Sogang University.


South Korea, SeoulSeoul is huge and never falls asleep, you will never get bored. You can enjoy a lot of activities (catbar, karaoke…), do shopping everywhere and have a lot of choice in term of nice bar and restaurants. The city is over-connected (not surprising in Samsung’s country!), trendy and dynamic.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace represents Korean tradition.

The economy of Korea grew dramatically and the country moves from tradition to modernity. You become to realize this phenomenon when you take a walk in Seoul: big buildings stand next to old and traditional palaces. This picture was taken in Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main palace in Seoul and built during the 14th century. There are 5 royal palaces in Seoul which are very colorful and very exotic to us, western people!

Palace Garden, Seoul

The picture was taken in one of the palace gardens.

When you take a walk in the palace compexes, you can enjoy amazing secret gardens which are green and full of spirituality. We become also aware of the history of Korea: many parts of the palaces have been rebuilt after being destroyed by the Japanese.  They wanted to control Korea by erasing the Korean culture.

PSY in Seoul

PSY’s concert in Seoul.

Korea is more and more known abroad for its K-Pop- the Korean Pop. The picture on the left is an aerial view of the concert of PSY (for free), the famous singer of Gangnam Style which gathered a lot of people! Seoul is a very dynamic city in terms of culture: a lot of concerts for free, festivals, and exhibitions are organized. Modern and traditional museums are all over the city and are worth to visit.

Border of South and North Korea

You can feel the tension between South and North Korea.

Seoul is only few kilometers far from North Korea. This close proximity provides the opportunity to directly visit the border: the DMZ (the DeMilitarized Zone). There, you can experience the uniqueness of the situation in the world and feel the tension between North and South Korea. We have keep in mind that millions of people are starving and living in area closed from the rest of the world just behind the border. On the picture, we can see South Korean soldiers facing the North Korean building and soldier.

South Korean landscape

Korea’s amazing landscape.

Doing an exchange in Seoul is also an opportunity to discover South Korea which is a beautiful country with a lot of islands and national parks. There,  you can hike and discover beautiful landscapes especially during fall or spring seasons. The country is small and its public transportation system is well organized, it is very easy to go outside Seoul for just 2 days. This Is the perfect occasion to discover more deeply real Korea, its culture and gastronomy.

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Hwaseong, Suwon, South Korea

Troo Adventure: “Only 19 miles south of Seoul lies South Korea’s only remaining walled fortress, Hwaseong. It surrounds Suwon city centre, and was completed in 1796 to house and honour the remains of Prince Sado. More on him in a moment.”

Education for social cohesion and as ‘handmaiden’ in South Korea

Human Capital Technology…: “Mass education has persisted since centuries ago in Korea. Education is a mean of the government to indoctrinate national values. Despite the high enrollment rates, attrition rate is high also and the system serves the select few.”

10 Good Reasons to become a Teacher in South Korea

Modern Seoul: “Often in an interview or just when talking with friends you’re asked these questions “Why Korea, Why Teaching, Why?” It’s of course different for everyone, but with the benefit of hindsight was that a good reason to leave everything you know and start on your Korean adventure? Here are our 10 good reasons to become an English Teacher in South Korea.”

Everyday I shop shop

Bald Eagles in Different Skies: “I was really excited to go to my first mall in Korea. Maybe it was a weird thing to be excited for, but I tend to get excited over weird things. I felt like seeing the stores would give me a better sense of what Koreans liked, and what I had gotten myself into by moving here.”

Stunning beach in South Korea

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