Marion Jarraud & Chloé Penant, two graduate management students from Grenoble EM, talk about their experiences at Queen´s University, Canada.

  Student life at Queen's University, Canada

Want to live an unforgettable and amazing international experience? Well, let’s go to Queen’s! Situated in Ontario, Queen’s is one of the best business schools in Canada with high quality professional-oriented courses taught by fascinating experienced teachers that will provide you with a very good background for your future professional life.

Text and photos by Marion Jarraud & Chloé Penant, Grenoble EM, France

Business courses in Canada

Chloé Penant: “Classes are very interesting and interactive, based much more on discussion than on theory.”

International roommates in Canada

Marion Jarraud: “Gained experiences will definitely broaden your mind and make you grow up: living with international roommates, perceiving cultural differences, learning expressing yourself properly in English, taking part in every Queen’s events.”

Differences between student life in Canada and France

The campus life is amazing and significantly different from the French one.

Sport's centre at Queen's University

Queen’s University campus is large and well equiped including a huge gym that offers practicing  all sport activities, free of charge.

Student associations at Queen's University

Every student is involved in a sport club or association.

Things to do in Kingston, Canada

Kingston is a charming city located only 10 hours drive from New York and within reachable distance to the main North American cities….

Visit the Niagara Falls while travelling in Canada

… the city is perfectly situated between Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, Niagara Falls and the U.S. border…).

The beauty of Canada

Canada is a wonderful country…

Toronto for students

…. Toronto

Queen's University Business School buildings

Joining this business school for one year is an incredible opportunity that would enable you to discover a real Canadian campus and be part of the Queen’s’ community for a while!

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Textbooks and Passports: “Academically, Leo Rampen found his time there somewhat challenging because he had to sit exams. As opposed to the UK, he says, “in Canada you’ve got short exams right through the year”

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Pxleyes: “Canada is the second largest country of the Globe, covering a whole lot of diversified flora and fauna, gorgeous rural landscapes and modern urban environments.”

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National Geographic photos

The Canadian Rockies are blowing my mind

Candice Does the World: “My friend Adam and I joked about how the Rockies are exhausting — not because of all the physical activity, but because you’re constantly in awe and shock every time you turn a corner.”

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William Penn University Study Abroad: “You never know what will happen in life. I’ve heard of many friends who have graduated from high school or college and then settled down right away to get married and have kids. Your time in college is when you are free to do things for you.”

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Textbooks and Passports: “The UK spends far less on higher education as a percentage of GDP than most OECD countries.”


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