Marie Elizabeth Lelu, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experiences at Koç University.

Studying in Turkey

Turkey is relatively young and dynamically emerging country.  It is amazing to witness the refinement of Istanbul, which once was the cultural and political center of the most powerful empires. In this city which never sleeps, and connects two continents Europe and Asia, it is hard to believe that you won’t be enjoying amazing moments!

Photos and text by Marie Elizabeth Lelu   

Universities Campuses in Turkey

Koç University in Istanbul will allow you to discover new great culture and to develop your professional skills through various projects

Studying abroad in Turkey

Studying at Koç University means a great risk to meet new friends that you want to stick forever

Understanding new cultures while studying abroad

You often end up having never-ending, deep cross-cultural conversations with students from all around the world

Transport in Istanbul

A boat represents traditional and oftenly the quickest mean of transportation in Istanbul

Warm welcome in Turkey

Don’t hesitate, get in the next flight and come to discover the incredible Istanbul. Turks will be happy to welcome you! MERHABA!




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Welcome to Istanbul!

IU Study Abroad Blog: “Classes at Koç are pretty different from those I’ve taken at IU. This may not be true for everyone, depending on what they study, but for those studying in the liberal arts such as me, it is true. One big difference is that many of the classes here are VERY midterm-final focused.”

Reasons to Learn Turkish: No.1- You’ll Find Paradise Much More Easily

IU Study Abroad Blog: “We finally reached Kilyos, but we weren’t sure where the beach was. So I decided to ask this shop-owner if he could give directions. Thank god I knew Turkish, because he knew absolutely no English. I got the directions and off we were to the beach.”

Koç Campus: An Introduction

IU Study Abroad Blog: “Koç University is situated in the middle of a forest preserve (a little shady to be honest, nonetheless it’s already here and built), and the view from campus is just absolutely breathtaking.”

Turkey Part Two

Two Backpacks: “My favourite way to meet people is using “The Nationality” game if you have a friend with you or you can find one person too play with your bound too end up with 4 new friends by the end of the night!”

Bayram’dan Sonra… (After [Kurban] Bayramı)

IU Study Abroad Blog: “Quite a few weeks ago now, most of the country celebrated Kurban Bayramı, which is the same as the holiday Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice). The holiday coincides with the end of the Hajj (which is also the end of the Muslim lunar calendrical year), and lasts five days.”

Best of Istanbul (Turkey)

Photo Gallery of Istanbul (Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar, and many others)

24 Hours in Istanbul

The Culturer : “Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul is a city of contrasts, and not just in a geographical sense.”

23 Earnest, Totally Legitimate Pieces Of Advice For College Students

Thought Catalog : “Do not miss out on huge opportunities (like living in another country for a little more than your regular tuition, if that) because you’re afraid or because you don’t want to miss out on what’s happening on campus. Campus will be there when you get back, and leaving the country will never be easier or cheaper.”

Inspirational Travel Quotes

Bucket List Publications: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!”

Six Big Challenges Facing International Students

William Penn University Study Abroad: “Some Americans (and other international students) are interested in meeting people from other countries and cultures. Others tend to focus mostly on sports and their pre-established friend circles rather than welcoming in a new person. It takes time to make new friends – so don’t feel discourage.”

Top 25 Best Destinations in Europe

ECSU Study Abroad: “Rome is one of those cities you could spend a year in and still feel like you’ve barely scratched its surface. Amazing historical sites, mind-blowing art—and then there’s the food. Stop at the Forno in the Campo de’ Fiori for a fresh slice of pizza bianca (cut from a piping hot six-foot-long slab of it), buy some tiny strawberries in a street market, and make it your business to find the city’s best gelato. Someone has to do it.”


Students enjoying life in Australia Study abroad in Finland Exchange programmes at SMU
Queensland University of Technology Hanken School of Economics Singapore Management University




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