Foucauld Watine, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about his experiences at Sun Yat-Sen Business School.

If you can seize the opportunity of an exchange program – do it! I experienced Guangzhou but I am not sure everybody enjoys this city. I am far from saying it’s beautiful, no, but it’s highly instructive. Guangdong Capital, located on the shores of the Pearl River delta, is the cradle of world´ manufacturing. Therefore this place grabs attention of anybody who wants to benefit from its infinite supply capacities.  The fascinatingly complex Chinese culture is mixed with Cantonese culture but it doesn’t get the things more difficult than anywhere else in China – it hardly can!

Photos and text by Foucauld Watine

Classes are the best opportunities to discuss with foreign and local students. What a good experience to work on a project in a multinational team!

I didn´t miss a great chance to form wide variety of relationships either at school or during numerous travels.

Getting in touch with Chinese people isn’t easy, but after a few months when I was able to express basic ideas, I appreciated the kindness of locals and the great potential we have to learn from them.

Guangzhou or Canton is the third largest city of the country and it’s one of China’s showcases. The Guangdong TV tower, numerous public facilities and commercial outlets are those of a key economic importance of this modern city

Surrounded by other exchange program students, everyday life is always entertaining and full of novelties. Be curious and ready to take up the challenge of multiculturalism!


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  1. Jin

    It is the city where i was born.Even it is not perfect but I Love it so much!

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