Adeline Benoit, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, talks about her experiences at Clarkson University.


Being a student at the American University? An amazing experience! Living in the campus with roomates from other countries or seeing squirrels in the graveyards, taking courses of teachers who teach you to think and express yourself properly, you will simply live the experience of your life that makes you grow up.


Photos and text by Adeline Benoit


The weather is cold but people are warmhearted

In Potsdam, New York State, the weather in winter is cold (-25°C / -13°F), but people warmly welcome you! So don’t worry about the weather, the snow and the fact that it seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Actually, there are always parties and activities to warm you and also it’s near Montréal, Boston, New York…and so many other places!

Amazing (and crazy) teachers who make you learn more than you would imagine

Meeting new friends from all over the world

Supporting the Golden knights at Cheel Arena on friday nights, with a real hot dog

Celebrating the end of the MBA with a Golden Knights cream cake

Travelling across the US (i.e: Grand Canyon)

Grenoble EM

ESC Grenoble





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